Andrea Botez reveals she “punished” ex by peeing on his car after “toxic” relationship

Michael Gwilliam
andrea botez dressed in leather in car

Chess streamer Andrea Botez revealed the gross way she got revenge on an ex-boyfriend after a “toxic” relationship.

Sisters Andrea and Alexandra Botez have taken Twitch by storm with their chess content and have become major players in the streaming world.

Such fame has even allowed Andrea to branch off and partake in boxing events, having competed in Ludwig’s Mogul Moves’ Chessboxing event and will be battling Michelle Khare at Creator Clash 2.

Interestingly, it turns out that Andrea is just as feisty outside of the ring as she is inside of one, revealing how she took out her revenge on an ex-boyfriend’s car.

Andrea Botez punished ex-boyfriend after “toxic” relationship

During an appearance on the That’s What She Said podcast, Andrea, her sister Alex and host Brooke were talking about bad dates.

After Brooke said a guy left in the middle of a hook-up to go to a lacrosse game, Andrea revealed she would have “punished” him if that had happened to her.

(Segment begins at 36:10)

“I would have peed on his car,” Andrea said, revealing that she did just that to her ex-boyfriend.

According to Andrea, she had good reason to take out her frustration on her ex after how she was being treated by him on a constant basis.

“It was a really toxic relationship. It was on and off all the time,” she added, further joking about how she would actually do it again if she had the chance. “It was really satisfying. I got it all out. Literally.”

“This is why I don’t upset Andrea. I don’t want her to pee on my stuff,” Alex joked.

Oddly, this isn’t the first story about bodily fluids ending up on a vehicle to make the news this week. Earlier, a woman went viral after she confronted a neighbor for allegedly pooping on her car.

Needless to say, it’s probably not a good idea to mess with Andrea Botez, in relationships, a chess board, or a boxing ring.