Woman goes viral after confronting neighbor who pooped on her car

TikTok AmbersmithTikTok: Ambersmith2526

A woman on TikTok has gone viral thanks to now-deleted videos showing her confronting her neighbor after finding out that he pooped on her car after a night out drinking.

Despite ongoing efforts by the US government to ban TikTok, creators on the app have continued to upload wild stories about their life.

From a car thief “kidnapping” someone to someone posting a video minutes after breaking their ankle, the possibilities are endless.

A woman in Australia recently went viral on the app after uploading a video of her confronting a neighbor after learning through her camera that he had pooped on her car’s bumper.

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Woman learned neighbor pooped on her car

Although TikToker Ambersmith2526 originally had two videos uploaded describing the incident and conversation with her neighbor, she’s since deleted them.

Thankfully, DailyMail was quick to report on the defecation and the proceeding confrontation.

After waking up on March 22 to find a mess on the back bumper of her Mazda 3 and checking her cameras to find out who did the dump-and-run, Amber decided to approach the poopitrator at his front door.

The still photo (and the following video) that she shared, shows the man popping a squat on her rear bumper after a night out drinking.

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“F*ck me, I’m so embarrassed,” he said.

amber smith tiktokTikTok: Ambersmith2526

As the videos went viral, viewers took to the comments to share their thoughts about the situation — with many saying they’d have to move away from the embarrassment.

“Should be 100 percent embarrassed,” one user replied.

Another said: “I’d be moving cross country that night.”

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