Amouranth unbanned on Twitch following revealing mishap

Isaac McIntyre

Popular streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth‘ Siragusa has been unbanned by Twitchthree days after being banned for accidentally revealing too much of herself during a live broadcast.

The famous Twitch personality boasts nearly 1.2 million followers on the platform, and is widely regarded as one of the most successful ‘Just Chatting’ content creators currently broadcasting.

She rose to fame with adult cosplays and ASMR streams, some of which have seen her toe the streaming website’s Terms of Service in the past, and she recently accidentally went a step too far in regards to content.

Twitch: AmouranthAmouranth was playing with her dog on stream when she accidentally exposed herself.

During her September 8 stream, Amouranth was playing with her dog and chatting to her viewers before she was struck with a major wardrobe malfunction that revealed far more of the streamer than she originally planned.













The moment was captured and turned into a clip, and 12 hours after the first reveal her account was suspended and shut down by Twitch. Now, just a handful of days later on September 11, she has had her ban rescinded by the broadcasting platform.

The reinstated personality released a short video after her account was restored, depicting her in a cage marked ‘Twitch Jail’ and tagged “The last two days have been kind of ruff.”

“Am I free?” she asked, opening the door and crawling out. “I’m free, oh finally, freedom!”

Siragusa’s small ban on the platform suggests she may have been in contact with Twitch behind the scenes to explain her mistake, potentially shortening her overall sentence.

Considering she’s one of the biggest IRL streamers in the game with an estimated 8,000 subscribers and an average viewer count of more than 2,000 in August according to stats site TwitchTracker, it’s little surprise the admins acted quickly.













She also has a major following away from the site. Her Twitter page has more than 227,000 followers, and has nearly 800 patreons for her adult cosplay content.

Amouranth, InstagramAmouranth has long been a controversial figure on Twitch for her variety streams.

Amouranth’s short-term ban also matches up to other similar recent controversies.

Twitch partner ‘BadBunny’ suffered a three-day suspension for exposing herself on stream in April, while Korean streamer ‘Addielyn’ apologized to fans last week for exposing herself naked after accidentally starting her stream.