Amouranth says stalker tried breaking into her house again and left mysterious package

Michael Gwilliam
stalker tries breaking into amouranth's house

Twitch streamer and OnlyFans model Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa revealed her stalker from Estonia returned and tried to break into her house multiple times.

Stalkers have been a major thorn in Amouranth’s side for years now, with several stalkers attending TwitchCon and one even trying to break into her house last year. Sadly, according to the hot tub streamer, he’s back.

In 2022, a man from Estonia was arrested after he tried to break into Amouranth’s home. This came after he reportedly sold everything he owned in a desperate attempt to meet with the model and be in a romantic relationship with her.

Now, despite the streamer having a restraining order against the man, he once again allegedly tried to break into her home while Amouranth was on a boxing press conference for her debut match.

Amouranth’s stalker returns with mysterious package and key

In a series of posts on Twitter, Amouranth uploaded security footage showing the man coming to her home and revealed how he tried to enter her house.

“He started by trying to sneak in behind one of my house staff — but had the door shut in his face,” she explained. “He then left — only to return 4 hrs later and tried to get in again, failing that he paced back and forth at my front door for 20 mins before leaving a package and a key.”

According to Amouranth, she has no idea what the key is for and didn’t disclose what was inside the package, or if she even opened it.

The streamer added that police had been notified due to restraining and trespassing warrants being breached, but she was told they would need to wait and see what else he does before anything will happen.

This isn’t sitting well with the gas station owner, who further noted that the man had “literally already broken the law, given his coming back to my premises after a criminal trespass was issued.”

It’s not clear if the man will be arrested yet again, but it’s certain that the streamer is growing increasingly concerned about the situation – especially given how many times this has happened already.