Amouranth responds to backlash for buying gas stations amid record prices

amouranth owns a gas stationInstagram/amouranth/pixabay

Twitch star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has responded to criticisms that she only bought a couple of gas stations to price gouge consumers amid skyrocketing prices.

Amouranth has become one of the top Twitch streamers and quite a successful businesswoman, using her profits from OnlyFans and streaming to invest.

In addition to buying loads of stock, a plastic ball company and more, the Twitch icon also purchased a couple of gas stations including a $10m 7-Eleven back in 2021.

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Now, Amouranth has faced some backlash for buying the gas stations as the price of gas continues to reach new highs in North America, but Siragusa is unfazed.

Amouranth denies opening gas stations to gouge customers

In response to a fan claiming she should be “ashamed” for being involved in the oil and gas industry, Amouranth explained why she shouldn’t be blamed for the prices.

“Gas stations probably fall under ‘distribution’ of the commodity. More gas stations probably put downward pressure on cost at the pump,” she said. “If you are an oil company and decide to ‘raise the price at the pump’ you’ll go bankrupt In short order because you can’t just unilaterally decide to raise the price of an undifferentiated commodity.”

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Some fans agreed with her sentiment and wondered if supply could be a major issue, which Siragusa addressed.

“If you have a gas station along a low traffic stretch of road they can float the price a little bit higher and if a commuter is low on gas they kind of don’t have a choice. Stick another gas station across the street and that marginal pricing power evaporates.”

“The point was to address a reply in the original thread, where someone said I’m opening gas stations to gouge them,” the hot tub streamer added.

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It will be fun to see what more business ventures Amouranth has up her sleeve, especially with the Twitch star planning to retire from making OF content later in 2022.

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