Amouranth disgusted after catching man doing the “grossest” thing on her porch

Michael Gwilliam
amouranth looking disgusted by what she sees

Kick streamer and OnlyFans sensation Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa caught a man in the act of doing the “grossest” thing on her porch.

Amouranth’s security cameras have caught quite a lot of shenanigans over the years including disturbing stalker incidents, but even she wasn’t prepared for what one man was about to do on camera.

Earlier in November, Amouranth was going over her security camera footage when she caught a man walking toward her property with his hands inside his pants.

What followed was the “grossest” thing the OnlyFans star says she has ever seen on her security camera and the worst part is she still doesn’t know the truth behind the man’s actions.

Amouranth disturbed after house cleaner finds remnants of man’s “gross” act

In the clip, which Amouranth blurred before posting it X, formerly known as Twitter, the man lowered his pants and squatted down.

After he finished seemingly defecating on Siragusa’s porch, the man ran off, leaving his excrement for the streamer’s home cleaner to deal with, still censored in the video footage.

“I can’t (don’t want to) tell if it’s even real or some dumb prank,” Amouranth captioned a blurred picture of the remains. “House cleaner took this pic / cleaned it.”

Users in the comments were baffled by the situation and even urged the Twitch streamer to go to the police and show them the footage.

“[I’m] pretty sure you can extract the DNA of that person and somehow have him prosecuted?” one viewer suggested.

“That’s just nasty on so many levels,” another remarked.

So far, Amouranth hasn’t revealed if she shared her disturbing findings with the authorities, but she has detailed a lack of help from police in the past when she dealt with cyber-stalking issues.

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