Amouranth reveals she’s hosting Twitch game show that will be first of its kind

YouTube: 100 Thieves

Streaming star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has revealed that she’s working on some “big” shows for Twitch that she’ll be hosting in the near future. 

Over the years, a few streamers have been able to come up with their own ideas for game shows and host them on a regular basis on stream.

The likes of Ludwig and xQc have been able to blow things up a bit with Mogul Money and Juiced, with the former going from a show hosted remotely to a packed-out arena full of fans and fellow content creators. 

Amouranth has also gotten involved with things a little bit as well, as she hosted her own Streamer Royale back in May of 2022, pitting a number of creators against each other in a handful of wild Wipeout-style challenges. When the calendar turns to 2023, she is looking to do something similar, and possibly with the help of Twitch. 

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Amouranth teases unique Twitch game show coming in 2023

The Just Chatting streaming star teased that fact during her appearance on the 100 Thieves Podcast as she talked about the “big” projects she has got lined up for the new year. 

“There are some projects that we’re working on, some big Twitch shows,” she said, much to the excitement of hosts Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag and Jack ‘Courage’ Dunlop. 

“It’s kind of game show-y but in person,” she added, confirming that she wouldn’t be taking part in the tasks, but rather she’d be fronting the show as the host. “This is completely different (to Streamer Royale) and I don’t think it’s ever been done on Twitch before, so, excited.”

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Timestamp of 7:10 

Given that Mogul Money was akin to Jeopardy but with a spin, and xQc’s Juiced is based on classic Nickelodeon shows, there’s plenty of scope for Amouranth’s show. 

She did note that she’s a big fan of the Price is Right, so maybe it’ll have some elements like that. We’ll just have to wait and see.