Amouranth responds to “ignorant” criticism of her content after split from husband

Amouranth on streamTwitch: Amouranth

Streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has criticized fans for their “ignorant take” in claiming her content did not change in the aftermath of her split from her abusive ex-husband. 

Back in October 2022, Amouranth shared that she was being abused by her husband in a revealing and concerning livestream. 

Since the stream, she has confirmed that she has split from her ex-husband and her content has taken something a new direction.

However, she continues to face trolling online. Generally anonymous commenters say she has not changed her output, despite previously stating that her abusive ex-husband coerced her into content she was not entirely comfortable with.

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In a Twitter thread on January 11, Amouranth responded yet again to the criticism, hitting out at the “ignorance” of those leveling the accusations at her.

Amouranth blasts “ignorant take” on her content

Tweeting from her personal account – wildkait – she explained that a complete “180” in content was never possible given the staff she employs and the direction she was already headed in. 

“The MOST ignorant take I run into is when people say “LOL you didn’t change your content — you liar”,” she said. “I DIRECTLY EMPLOY close to 20 people, I indirectly (services, editing, etc) pay/work with another ~9 on top of that.

“It would be selfish and irresponsible to do a 180 at a moment’s notice.  I gave 60 days notice to my “lewd” content staff letting them know they could find other employment but that their positions would be locked in for 2 months.”

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She continued, stating that she chose the “compassionate” route and has successfully found “new positions for every single staff member”. 

“At this point anyone who says I’m not in control is down a parasocial rabbit hole,” she finished. “I do what I want now, and although many seem to relish in misconstruing my original words — it’s always been about having person[al] agency.”

While there were naturally a few detractors, the majority of respondents praised for the creator. 

Some highlighted specific criticism from YouTube streamer Destiny about Amouranth’s content, but Siragusa explained that her comments were not directed at him.

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