Amouranth hits back at claims she’s not changed Twitch streams: “Do what I want”

Amouranth talking to camera while sat on grey couchTwitch: Amouranth

Twitch star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa defended herself against claims that she hasn’t changed up her content by showing just how much things have changed on her channel. 

Over the last few years, Amouranth has become one of Twitch’s premier female streamers – even the biggest at times as others, like Pokimane, have taken a break. 

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While she has a massive fanbase, the streamer has sometimes come under fire for her stream’s content. She was one of the innovators behind the Hot Tub stream meta, and has ultimately stuck with it a fair bit as it has developed into its own category. She’s also been a staple in the Just Dance and Just Chatting sections as well. 

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Recently, some viewers and other streamers – including Destiny – have claimed that she hasn’t changed a thing on her channel, and still produces the same content. Though, Amouranth has got some receipts. 

Amouranth defends herself against claims she hasn’t changed Twitch content

The streaming star took to her WildKait backup Twitter account on November 27 to address those claims and proved just how much she has changed up her content. 

“Weird L take that my content hasn’t changed. 90 days ago I was doing 50%+ or more hot tub, now it’s like sub 10%?” she posted, attaching a graph breaking down her content where Just Dance, Just Chatting, and Overwatch 2 dominated. 

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“I played more Overwatch than I did hot tub.  That’s NEVER HAPPENED,” she added. 

One fan suggested that her “rebrand” had been a success, but Amouranth stated that she “didn’t care” about rebranding herself on Twitch as she’s still having massive success. 

“Not about rebrand, I literally don’t care,” she answered. “I get to do what I want, and I still make 7 fig money a month. Life is better.”

Amouranth’s most recent streams have still been in the Just Chatting section, as she’s been on IRL dates. She’s unlikely to ever turn her back on that section.

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Though, as Amouranth goes to show, she’s doing far more varied now than ever before.

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