Alissa Violet hits back at Jake Paul dating rumors after post goes viral

Alissa Violet denies Jake Paul dating rumorsYouTube: Alissa Violet / Jake Paul

YouTube star and model Alissa Violet is denying rumors of getting back together with ex-boyfriend Jake Paul, whose post on Instagram appeared to insinuate they had rekindled their romance.

Jake Paul is taking over the influencer news cycle right now; after defeating former NBA pro Nate Robinson, he’s been calling out just about every top-tier fighter he can find, and now, he’s apparently stirring up rumors with his ex-girlfriend.

Although Paul and Alissa Violet’s tumultuous relationship went down in flames in 2016, it seems that Jake is attempting to rekindle some kind of fling with his old flame, as told in one of his Instagram stories posts on December 28.

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The post showed a photo of what seems to be a FaceTime call between the two, with the caption, “My lil shawty mad @AlissaViolet.”

Jake Paul FaceTime screenshot Alissa VioletInstagram: Jake Paul
Paul unexpectedly posted a screenshot of his FaceTime call with ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet, leading to speculation that the two were dating once again.

However, Violet seemed to refute these claims shortly thereafter, posting a screenshot that showed Paris Hilton saying, “I’ll throw up.”

Alissa Violet responds to Jake Paul's Instagram stories post.Instagram: Alissa Violet
Alissa Violet’s apparent response to Jake’s Instagram post was oh-so-subtle.

That’s not all; Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR quickly reached out to Violet to get her take on the rumors — rumors that she vehemently denied.

In a screenshot of their text conversation, Violet told KEEMSTAR that Paul had merely been trying to “hang.” Alissa had told him to “f**k off.”

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It’s just as well; after parting ways in 2016, serious drama went down between the two influencers, with Violet claiming she’d suffered “mental abuse” during her relationship with Paul and even claimed that their romance hadn’t even been real, in the first place.

According to Violet, the “Jalissa” pairing was just a front — although that didn’t stop her from being hurt when she claimed Paul would purportedly bring other women to his house to “hook up with in front of me.”

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It looks like things are as cold as ever between these two YouTubers, in spite of Paul’s oddly-timed Instagram post. Right now, it seems like he is completely single, after parting ways with his most recent ex-girlfriend prior to his bout with Nate Robinson.

For now, it seems like Paul is fully focused on his career in fighting — and Violet is decidedly taking no part in the chaos.