Alinity reveals she’s been tracking thief for a month who stole her airpods

Alinity on streamTwitch: Mizkif

Twitch streamer Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon has revealed she has been tracking a thief who stole her airpods for over a month – and she plans to go and confront them. 

Alinity has been well known in the Twitch community for a number of years now – no stranger to controversy but frequently among the most watched and followed female streamers.

She also regularly entertains her viewers with interesting stories, like the time streaming giants Netflix approached her about an OnlyFans documentary. 

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Another came viewers’ way on February 9, when she appeared on Mizkif’s stream and revealed she’s actually been tracking a thief who took her airpods for over a month. 

Alinity reveals she’s been tracking airpod thief for over a month

“Okay Miz I gotta tell you something,” she began. “So I have this pair of airpods, and my airpods went missing. And I’ve been tracking them for like a while… Someone stole them and I know where they live and I know where they work.”

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As she explained the story to Mizkif, he suggested they stream the confrontation with the thief – an idea Alinity was more than behind. 

She continued: “We can’t dox the person, obviously. But I know where they work… I’ve been tracking them for like a month and a half. I know their work schedule… They live in a $2 million home. I Zillow-ed it. They have a pool and everything – they’re rich.” 

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She explained that she reported them as stolen, which would have prompted a message to the person using them. 

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She joked she’s been “beeping the sh*t” out of the thief and she believes they work at the car dealership where she left her airpods.

While Mizkif jokingly offered to go in and threaten the thief, Alinity pledged to “ask nicely” for her property. 

She finished: “I just don’t understand why they don’t give me my f**king airpods back.” 

Here’s hoping we ultimately get a video or livestream of Alinity retrieving them.

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