Alinity reveals “dommy mommy” theory for why she doesn’t have Twitch stalkers

alinity talks about twitch stalkersTwitch/Alinity

Popular Twitch star Alinity shocked viewers by revealing she’s never had any stalkers and shared quite an interesting theory about why that is.

Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon is one of the biggest names on Twitch with over one million followers on the Amazon-owned platform alone and many others across OnlyFans, Instagram, and Twitter.

Despite her massive follower count, Alinity says she’s yet to have a stalker experience like others in the community such as Amouranth, who had to deal with multiple terrifying incidents at TwitchCon.

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During a November 8 Twitch broadcast, the Colombian-Canadian theorized why she doesn’t have any stalkers and chalked it up to her dominant “mommy” personality keeping them at bay.

Alinity claims her “dommy mommy” vibes keep stalkers away

According to Mogollon, her personality has a big role to play in why stalkers don’t want anything to do with her and asked a fellow streamer in chat if they agreed.

“I think, even though I’m short, I give people dommy mommy vibes and people are scared of me,” she said. “The male attention I attract isn’t guys trying to take me down, but guys who want to kiss my feet.”

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The term “dommy mommy” basically means a woman who is gentle, yet dominant and has become quite a desirable personality trait in recent years.

The Twitch star went on to say that anyone who would try to “f**k with her” or break into her house would regret it.

“I’m crazy, yo. If you’re trying to harm me, trust me dude, I’m Latina. Like, it’s not going to go well for me. So please, keep your distance from me. Don’t be creepy,” she added.

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Furthermore, the streamer pointed out how despite living in the small Canadian city of Saskatoon for many years she never had a stalker and has since moved to Austin, Texas.

Of course, all of this is just a theory on the Twitch star’s part, but given the evidence, she might be onto something and says she’s going to continue with her “dominant” persona if it guarantees her safety.