Alinity hits back after still getting hate over Twitch cat toss scandal

Michael Gwilliam
Alinity poses for the camera with her cat

Popular Twitch streamer Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon has revealed that she’s still getting hate online for her infamous ‘cat toss’ scandal that caused a lot of drama a year ago.

On September 27, the Columbian-Canadian streamer posted several screenshots to Twitter showing the hate mail she’s received when Twitch decides to ban anyone else on the platform.

In this recent case, the hate tweets were sent by fans of YourRAGE – a streamer and content creator who was recently banned.

Each of the screenshots showed a fan of the now-indefinitely banned streamer calling out Twitch for not disciplining Alinity for “tossing” her cat in 2019, instead of suspending YourRAGE.

“You really gonna let a girl who yeeted her f***ing cat on the platform but ban YourRAGE for no reason?” one of the users in the screenshot asked, while others went as far as to accuse Twitch of being “sexist.”

“Looks like someone got banned last night, wake up to tons of these mentions,” Mogollon said before pleading with the community. “It’s been over a year, can we let it go?”

The infamous incident in question was from a July 18, 2019 stream, where Alinity, already frustrated from her Apex Legends match, got furious at her cat crawling on her desk, so she picked it up and appeared to “toss” him behind her chair, before returning to her game.

Alinity lies in her bed
Alinity thinks she should have been banned for the cat fiasco.

What followed was months and months of backlash, to the point where PETA had to get involved, although they did clear her of wrongdoing as far as the law is concerned.

The scandal spawned rumors involving Alinity and Twitch, with some assuming that she must have some sort of special agreement since other past events on her livestream have also come under public scrutiny.

For what it’s worth, Alinity has said that she believes Twitch should have suspended her when the cat drama was ongoing, claiming that she doesn’t know why they didn’t punish her.

“I know people that have been banned for smaller things than what happened with me, with the cat thing… I should have been banned. Maybe a suspension. I don’t know [how long the ban should have been]. Like a week? It was pretty bad,” she said at the time.

Now, it appears that the hate hasn’t stopped, and even though she has nothing to do with these other streamers who get banned, her name still comes up every time someone big is disciplined.

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