Alinity and Kaceytron mud wrestle at Maya’s wild Twitch Halloween party

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Twitch streamer Maya rounded up an impeccable lineup of creators for a huge Halloween fundraising event, but the night took an even wilder turn when Alinity and Kaceytron stepped onto the scene. 

Halloween is the perfect excuse to throw a party, especially when you can invite a roster as impressive as Maya Higa’s fundraising event. Bringing together a who’s-who of content creators, everyone from Justaminx to Esfand was in attendance.

There were some delightful costumes on display too, with everything between Dr Disrespect, Drake and Josh, as well as The Joker getting a nod.

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While the costumes may definitely have caught viewers initial attention, the wilder antics of the evening surely kept viewers glued to their screen.

Maya Halloween EventTwitch: Maya
The fundraising event featured everyone from the likes of Esfand to Justaminx.

Mud wrestling breaks out for charity

Naturally, Maya’s Halloween bonanza started out fairly tame, with each guest settling in for the night. With over $100,000 raised in charitable funds for the Alveus Sanctuary, an “exotic animal sanctuary and virtual education center” founded by Maya, it couldn’t have been done without some chaotic efforts.

Among those efforts was the mud wrestling exhibition match between streamers Alinity and Kaceytron.

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Divulging in a certified mud-bath, this well intentional battle for charity was just one of many activities available for participation at Maya’s event.

According to Kaceytron, this event was a new experience:  “I got invited to a Halloween party for the first time in my life.” Since this battle for the ages transpired, Alinity has shared a straightforward reflection on the short-lived bout.

“I have dirt in places I didn’t know existed,” she quipped later in the evening.

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While the content creators recover from this unique Halloween event, their journey’s through the night on various social media platforms have become a great source of entertainment.

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