Jake Paul fires shots at Dana White with bizarre Halloween costume

Sam Comrie
Jake Paul Dana White
Amanda Westcott for SHOWTIME / Instagram: Dana White

Jake Paul isn’t pulling any punches with his latest jab at UFC president Dana White, as the YouTube-turned-Boxer donned a risky White-inspired Halloween costume. 

For Jake Paul, adding fuel to the fire of ongoing rivalries with creators or fighters is just an everyday activity. Declaring war on boxer Tommy Fury, who will need to “kiss” his last name “goodbye” in their upcoming bout, Paul isn’t stopping there when it comes to mocking others in the fighting world.

He’s been in a constant back-and-forth with UFC president Dana White, taking shots at him over fighter pay, amongst other things.

After a period of silence, the pair reignited their beef on October 29 when Dana labeled Jake a “goofball” for comments made about former boxing champion Claressa Shields. Though, Jake has taken it to another level.

Instagram: Jake Paul / Wikimedia Commons
Jake Paul’s choice of Halloween costume is sure to turn some heads.

Jake Paul mocks Dana White with risky costume

Normally on Halloween, people will choose to dress up as terrifying creatures or iconic figures of cinematic horror. Some may even pull from pop culture, but for Jake Paul, his crosshair was set on UFC president Dana White.

Paul’s feud with White has been ongoing, especially after White backed up fighter Claressa Shields, with the latter claiming Paul “has yet to face a real boxer in boxing.”

Instead of trading blows back verbally with White, Paul decided to send a few returning hits back in the form of his White-inspired Halloween costume.

Jake Paul Dana White
Twitter: Jake Paul
We don’t think White will take this as a compliment.

Brandishing a prop bag of fake narcotics and white make-up, Paul completed the mock look replicating an infamous photo of White consorting with a Playboy Bunny.

Prior to this head-turning costume, Paul has been laying down the hurt on social media, adding that “Dana White loves promoting my fights for free” in a TikTok video responding to the Claressa Shields comments.

Perhaps White will return the favor with a Jake Paul costume next year.