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Alexandra & Andrea Botez reveal new LA plans after hitting huge Twitch milestone

Published: 25/Nov/2021 4:44 Updated: 25/Nov/2021 6:10

by Brad Norton


Alexandra and Andrea Botez, often dubbed the ‘Chess Queens of Twitch,’ have teased a massive change coming in the new year after the pair smashed through their biggest streaming milestone to date.

After their meteoric rise to social media fame over the past year, the Botez sisters are now among the most popular streamers on Twitch. Together on their joint ‘BotezLive’ account, the two have now cleared a million followers.

While celebrating the milestone with a November 24 IRL stream, Alexandra reflected on their journey together and teased some of the biggest plans still yet to come.

Despite starting the channel in 2017 “while [she] was still in college,” it wasn’t until recently that “chess exploded on Twitch,” she explained. Now moving into 2022, the sisters are set for a big move to further capitalize on the hype.


“In January, we’re moving to [Los Angeles],” Alexandra told her community. Not only will this drop them in what’s considered the ‘entertainment capital,’ but they’ll also be moving into a “content house,” she confirmed.

There’s no telling who else will be joining the Botez sisters in LA at this stage. Though it’s sure to bring plenty of attention to their content moving forward regardless.

Notably, this move will distance the popular streamers from their organization Team Envy. Often appearing in collaborative videos with others in Texas, it appears their presence in Envy content will be limited after relocating.


On a similar note, this transition to LA could also see a shift in their own content. While the Botez sisters assured they’ll “keep trying to do chess” moving forward, they’re also eager to “expand into other areas,” Alexandra added.

Together, the sisters are both “really grateful” for the opportunity ahead of them in 2022.

We’ll just have to wait and see who joins the next big content creator house in LA once things get underway in January.