AEW wrestler Britt Baker challenges Logan Paul to fight for his Charizard card

Logan Paul fighting Britt BakerAmanda Westcott for SHOWTIME/Instagram/realbrittbaker

AEW champion and pro wrestler Britt Baker issued a challenge to both Jake and Logan Paul, calling out the two influencers-turned-boxers with a Pokemon card bet.

Jake Paul has taken the boxing world by storm, securing KO victories against former mixed martial artists Ben Askren and then former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley.

Meanwhile, brother Logan was one of the first YouTubers to get in on the boxing craze and even ended up fighting one of the greatest of all time in Floyd Mayweather in what may be his final fight.

However, for one Britt Baker, she sure hopes Logan isn’t willing to hang up his gloves for good, especially as he has something she wants him to put on the line for a potential bout.

Britt Baker wants to fight Logan Paul for his Charizard card

During an interview with TMZ, the AEW Women’s Champ was asked if she would ever be down to square down against either Jake or Logan Paul.

“Listen, if Logan Paul wants a taste of the DMD, tell him to come my way,” Baker replied. “Same with Jake Paul.”

She went on to put some serious stakes on a potential fight against The Maverick, wanting him to put one of his most prized possessions on the line.

YouTuber Logan Paul holding Charizard Pokemon CardYouTube/Logan Paul
Logan Paul has a massive Pokemon card collection.

“I’ll fight you for that one-million-dollar Charizard card!” she exclaimed, but it’s unclear if the fight would be boxing, MMA or wrestling.

The card she is referring to was the one Logan wore during his fight against Floyd Mayweather, a 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard Beckett 10 grade worth over $1,000,000.

Whether or not Logan accepts the challenge or even puts his card on the line remains to be seen, but it could be quite an interesting proposition, as Logan Paul actually stepped into the ring at WrestleMania, so he has some experience inside of a wrestling ring.