Adin Ross hits back after Ludwig calls him "King of Normie content" on Twitch - Dexerto

Adin Ross hits back after Ludwig calls him “King of Normie content” on Twitch

Published: 22/Apr/2021 13:30

by Jacob Hale


Adin Ross has been blowing up on Twitch throughout 2021, and it looks like he’s now got some bad blood with one of the biggest names on the platform.

As of late, Adin Ross has been living in a house with a number of huge influencers including the likes of FaZe Banks, Mike Majlak and Zias. He’s also regularly getting top rappers on stream with him including Lil Yachty, Polo G and Sheck Wes.

While his stream is literally going to the moon, some of the other huge names on Twitch are starting to catch wind of him.

Be it positive or negative, the Twitch elite are talking about him, but Adin took offense when Ludwig called him out for being the “King of normie content” on the platform, saying that he “got big because he kissed Corinna Kopf on the mouth twice.”


Of course, as explained by Ludwig in the VOD, there are many different ‘areas’ of Twitch, and he thinks Ludwig is joined by the likes of Ricegum in being on the “normie” side of the platform.

Watching the clip back, Adin doesn’t seem massively impressed by it. He said: “Maybe he didn’t mean disrespect, all I know is every time I’ve talked about Ludwig, it’s nothing but ‘Yo, shoutout to him, he’s doing his thing.’ I don’t know.”

With one of his friends in the call saying that “If he’s going to talk, we’ll talk back,” and another saying that “he can go in the f**king garbage,” there’s clearly some love lost here as a result.


Soon after Adin responded, popular political streamer HasanAbi reacted to the clip, calling Ludwig a normie too, and Lud reacted to it saying he agrees.

“That’s why I’m shocked that this was a thing,” he says. “I called myself a normie. I called myself a theatre kid!”

It doesn’t seem as though Ludwig meant any offense by the comment, even deprecating himself in the process, but it’s obviously left a sour taste in Adin’s mouth.

Whether this becomes a legitimate beef or they sort out their differences remains to be seen.