Adin Ross blasts racist demand from swatter to stop constant SWAT calls

Instagram: Adin Ross

Adin Ross has revealed that the swatter who keeps swatting him has made a racist demand in order for them to stop sending the police to the Twitch streamer’s home. 

Twitch streamers both big and small have had to deal with dangerous SWAT raids on their homes over the years, with trolls convincing their local police department that something serious is up. 

A number of Twitch’s top stars — including Adin Ross — have been the subject of regular hoax calls over the years. Adin has recently confronted the people who claim to be behind the SWAT calls, with them saying that they’ve targeted him in a bid to get “revenge” for ignoring their Discord messages

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These SWAT attempts have not stopped despite that confrontation, however. Now, the streaming star has revealed that the swatter is willing to put an end to them, but they’ve made a racist demand to do so. 

During his November 29 stream, Adin noted that the troll was participating in his chat and sent him his demands to stop the SWAT calls. 

“Tell Adin Ross, until you stop having black people on your stream, I’m going to continue to SWAT you,” the streamer said, visibly angered by the message. “Well, you’re going to SWAT me every day then bro. 

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“Listen, I don’t care. You’re racist as f*ck bro, you’re weird as f*ck bro. That sh*t is so weird and strange to me really.”

As Adin notes, he’s not going to give in to the demands of the troll, which means he will likely continue being the target of the calls.

While some streamers have managed to send swatters to jail over the hoax calls, others have set up links with their local police department to stop things from getting out of hand.

This involves welfare calls to the streamer before the SWAT unit is sent over to their home, which prevents the dangerous situation of having armed police bundle into their home before it happens.

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