Addison Rae’s mom lashes out at Monty Lopez in heated TikTok feud

sheri monty heated tiktok spatInstagram: sherinicole, tiktokroomtm / TikTok: montylopez

Addison Rae’s mother, Sheri Easterling, got into a heated spat with ex-hubby Monty Lopez in a series of deleted TikTok comments that are sending social media into a tizzy.

The feud between Addison Rae’s parents continues to boil over as the ex-couple brings their relationship problems into the limelight.

For those out of the loop, Sheri and Monty have apparently been separated for over a year. This summer, Monty was exposed for allegedly cheating on Sheri with a younger woman, prompting both Addison and Sheri to unfollow him on social media.

Amid the chaos, rapper Yung Gravy and Sheri became somewhat of an item. This caused Monty to challenge the music artist to a boxing match — which Gravy politely declined.

Now, Monty has released a diss track against Yung Gravy… along with a slew of TikTok videos lashing out at critics of his current situation, including one that hit back people giving him the side eye for “dating 20-year-olds.”

It seems that Sheri had a few things to say to her ex-man in the comments section of the video, although her exchange has since been deleted.

Sheri hits out at Monty Lopez in heated TikTok comments

“Then, why didn’t you take ‘Husband to Sheri’ out of your bio so that I could move on long ago?” she wrote.

“Lmao wow,” Monty replied. “That didn’t stop me! Are you serious?”

Another comment was also included in the thread, although it’s unclear whether or not Sheri was replying to Monty or another TikTok user.

“Good I’m glad we are on the same page,” she responded. “So MAKE HIM STOP.”

sheri monty tiktok spatInstagram: TikTokroomTM

This marks the latest event in the ongoing saga of drama between these two TikTok-famous parents after Yung Gravy spoke out at length on the subject, saying Sheri was “embarrassed” by her ex-husband and that the situation was “really rubbing off on Addison.”

For now, Addison has distanced herself from both parents, with sources close to the star saying she’s “mortified” by their highly public family feud.