Addison Rae finally responds to Euphoria casting rumors

Addison Rae Euphoria rumors 2HBO / YouTube: Entertainment Tonight

TikTok star Addison Rae has given her reaction after rumors spread that she may be potentially cast in season three of hit coming-of-age drama series Euphoria.

Addison Rae may have gotten her start on TikTok, but she’s breaking into Hollywood with a bang following her acting debut in Netflix’s ‘He’s All That’ last year.

Since then, the TikTok star — who boasts over 88 million followers on the video-sharing app — has scored a multi-film deal with Netflix, aiming to take her career to new heights.

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Considering her foray into the movie biz, some fans have been keeping a keen eye out for any upcoming projects Rae might be involved in… and some were convinced that she might be making an appearance in the upcoming season of Euphoria.

Euphoria is a wildly popular drama series that follows the lives of teenagers as they battle with struggles like drug addiction, trauma, and other issues. Zendaya, who stars in the show, notably received an Emmy for her performance as main character Rue this year.

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Addison Rae responds to rumors of being cast in Euphoria Season 3

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Addison in Los Angeles at The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Gala, where they asked her about this rumor — but, according to the social media star, that’s all it is: a rumor.

That being said, she’s more than willing to take part in the show and joked that she would “manifest” the rumor into being a reality.

“I will say that that’s a rumor,” she admitted. “And we can manifest that. I’m sure a lot of people would have interesting thoughts and feelings about that, but thank you. That’s very nice. I hope that’s true. I haven’t seen that anywhere. …I’m comin’ for you.”

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(Topic begins at 0:58 in the video below)

For now, it’s unclear what Addison’s next move is — but not everyone is here for her success, with singer Aubrey O’Day recently shading the influencer for her big breaks while “the old-school people had to fight through the gatekeepers every step of the way.”

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