7-Eleven customers attack employees for not selling cigars to minor in viral fight

Michael Gwilliam
viral 7-eleven brawl goes between employees

A group of rowdy 7-Eleven customers are going viral for all the wrong reasons after they attacked employees for refusing to sell cigars to underaged people.

Of all the reasons to fight someone, this has got to be one of the weirdest. We’ve seen men get pistol whipped for attacking women, or guys defending themselves against groups in massive brawls, but this brawl takes the cake.

Fighting 7-Eleven employees for refusing to break the law and sell cigars to a minor is a whole other level, and that’s exactly what happened in Mesquite, Texas.

In a viral video making rounds online, a group of teens can be seen jumping over the counters at the local 7-Eleven store and engaging in fisticuffs with staff members.

Employees fight 7-Eleven customers in viral brawl

When the video begins, you can see one customer has already gotten behind the counter to start swinging at an employee as others join in.

In a split second, both sides started throwing haymakers at each other as the rest of the teens joined in and throew candy and other checkout items as weapons. (Hey, at least it wasn’t a python.)

A clerk then tried to step in and confront the rowdy posse, but he was just pelted with chocolate as the battle raged behind the counter.

According to Fox News, both employees suffered facial injuries, but didn’t require a trip to the hospital to be treated.

Currently, none of the teens involved in the melee have been arrested, and police are continuing to investigate the assault.

It’s not clear if the girl ended up actually getting her hands on a cigar after all the dust had settled.