Taco Bell worker slapped by angry customer who blew up his own microwave

Meera Jacka
Taco Bell worker slapped by angry customer who blew up his own microwave

A TikTok has shown the moment a Taco Bell worker was slapped after an angry customer blew up his microwave reheating food.

American Fast food chain Taco Bell is a popular option for those looking for an affordable and convenient Mexican meal, offering a range of meals from burritos to crunch wraps and, of course, tacos.

When it comes to refreshing and reheating a meal from the popular restaurant chain in the microwave, however, there is one vital step to ensure safety — remove any foil or foil-lined wrappers.

One customer who may not have followed this vital step is now going viral after blowing up his microwave and returning to Taco Bell with a vengeance.

“You’re done, you’re f****** done. I’m going to sue your ass off,” the man can be heard declaring to the employee, one of the managers in-store. When asked if he would like new food, the man exclaimed, “Plus, you guys are gonna pay for my f****** microwave. It blew up!”

Getting increasingly agitated, he stated, “Oh, you’re smiling,” before slapping the employee across the face to a chorus of shocked reactions from other customers and workers.

“Yo, what the hell? No, what the f***? What’s going on with you, bro?” the employee said, evidently confused by the sudden escalation. Another manager then stepped in, with a heated argument ensuing in which the customer repeatedly told both workers, “F*** you.”

“Brother over-microwaved a fast food sandwich and it blew up in his microwave? Now he’s there complaining and wants them to buy him a new microwave? What a snowflake,” one Redditor posted in response to the altercation.

Another said, “That geezer doesn’t know you don’t put anything containing aluminum in a microwave. That’s the first f******* lesson you get with a microwave.”

It is currently unknown what occurred following the incident and whether or not police were called, though many viewers have stated that they hope the employee presses charges for battery. Be sure to check out all the latest entertainment news on our page here.

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