100 Thieves’ Yassuo destroys keyboard during $100k MK11 Twitch tournament

Wikimedia Commons: Santeri Viinamäki/Instagram:Yassuo

100 Thieves streamer and League of Legends content creator Moe ‘Yassuo’ Abdalrhman was forced to panickingly reassemble his keyboard after smashing it in rage during a $100k Mortal Kombat 11 tournament.

While many popular League of Legends streamers, such as Doublelift and Sneaky, have carved out their names in Twitch stardom by reaching the pinnacles of LCS and LEC, many others, like Tyler1 have made their name by being exceptionally entertaining to watch.

This latter category best describes Yassuo, a challenger mid lane main with over 2 million followers on Twitch. Yassuo is not only one of the most talented North American players on the server, he also streams some of the best LoL content around.

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However, Yassuo’s penchant for competitiveness sometimes spills over into fits of rage. This latest incident, which took place during the Mortal Kombat segment of the AT&T Annihilator Cup, proved to be probably his most costly yet.

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Yassuo is one of LoL’s biggest streamers.

During the first match of a best of three series against Cloud9 streamer Emiru, the game couldn’t have been more finely poised. However, Emiru, playing Cetrion, managed to land the killing blow on Yassuo’s Scorpion.

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At this point, Yassuo ‘Hulk smashed’ the keyboard, sending keys flying all over the floor. Due to the fast-paced transition between MK games, however, Yassuo was left scrambling to fix his mistake.

He spent most of the series trying to piece the keyboard back together piece-by-piece, using advice from chat to ensure he had the correct layout. Unfortunately, this distraction caused him to ultimately lose the best-of-3 to Emiru.

He saw the funny side, however. “How did it happen? My keyboard malfunctioned,” Yassuo joked to a confused viewer who had missed the incident. “I need to message Corsair, it’s really faulty. I need a refund, to be honest with you.”

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The streamer also begged with his chat not to laugh at him for losing the series so emphatically. “I didn’t know what keys I was hitting,” he pleaded.

This isn’t the first time Yassuo has suffered malfunctions as a result of seeing the red mist. He once destroyed his keyboard during a LoL stream back in 2019, and in another incident almost ruined his entire PC.

Yassuo was eventually able to piece his computer back together, but it came at the cost of a loss to Emiru. He will be desperate to make sure the mistake doesn’t cost him the $100K prize, as the AT&T Annihilation Cup enters its second half.

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