League of Legends streamer Yassuo almost destroys PC after death rage

Connor Bennett

Popular League of Legends streamer Moe ‘Yassuo’ left fans wondering if he was going to need a whole new set-up after raging at an in-game death. 

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Despite being one of the most competitive esports titles in the world and boasting a large fanbase, League of Legends doesn’t quite have the dedicated solo streamers with incredible followings like other games

Viewers can usually find streamers like Tyler ‘Tyler1‘ Steinkamp raging at an opponent or taking his fury out on other streamers, yet, it was the extreme levels of rage from his fellow streamer ‘Yassuo’ that caught the attention of on-lookers.

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Yassuo has even taken part in showmatches on the LCS playoffs stage.

During his July 29 stream, his first broadcast in two weeks, Yassuo had barely started up his first match of the night when he ran into an intense battle with a fellow midlaner. After trying to pull off a risky play, the streamer was slain and couldn’t believe what had happened – prompting him to take aim at his PC.

He slammed the desk so hard that it disrupted his stream by taking the game out of the full-screen view and into a tiny window. “God! That was such a sick play,” he called out after standing up to toss his headphones. 

Only after returning to his computer did he realize the damage he had caused. The streamer added: “I’m so tilted. My whole computer is fucking broken and I can’t see a thing on my screen anymore.”

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Yassuo was left baffled that he couldn’t see anything on his main monitor despite a secondary monitor being frozen solely on his death. However, it didn’t take him long to figure out the issue. “I don’t know, one sec. Oh my God, is my monitor unplugged? Man.” 

After taking a few moments to tweak his set-up, including dropping his camera flat onto his desk, the streamer was able to get things sorted and jump back into his match – although he was still pretty frustrated at his death. 

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While the incredible fit of rage may have given his viewers a highlight moment to laugh about for days to come, the streamer might just want to be careful in future – just so he doesn’t cause any permanent damage.