Does Elden Ring support ray tracing?

A promotional image from Elden Ring, one of the hardest games of all time.FromSoftware

Elden Ring is a visually impressive game with mind-blowing vistas, but does FromSoftware’s magnificent RPG support ray tracing?

Since its release back in February of 2022, Elden Ring has received an overwhelming amount of praise thanks to its magnificent world, incredible bosses, and an array of interesting weapons to equip.

While fans now are keeping their fingers crossed for a DLC in the near future, they’re also desperate to see a graphical feature added to the game.

We’re of course talking about ray tracing, an enhancement that would take Elden Ring from looking brilliant, to unbelievable.

Although some FromSoftware fans were disappointed it didn’t come at launch, they’re still holding out hope it’s coming soon, but has it been confirmed?

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Elden Ring ray tracingFromSoftware
Ray tracing is a heavily requested feature in Elden Ring.

When is ray tracing coming to Elden Ring?

Elden Ring’s patch 1.07 introduced a variety of PvP balance changes and spell adjustments, but a dataminer discovered a far more interesting piece of information under the surface of the update.

After trawling through the files, Twitter user sennoutantei uncovered ray-tracing strings that had recently been added to the backend.

This is hugely exciting news for Elden Ring players who have been desperate to explore the Lands Between with the best possible visuals.

Ray tracing support would definitely take the gameplay experience to the next level, especially when taking on one of the game’s impressive bosses.

It’s worth noting that there is no indication of when the graphical feature will arrive in-game. Although it’s now in the backend files, that doesn’t mean it’ll be added in the near future.

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Despite this, it does confirm that the heavily requested graphical upgrade is coming and FromSoftware has listened to the fans.

Let’s hope the devs can deliver ray tracing as soon as possible as well as a DLC to continue the story of the Lands Between.

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