How to beat Hoarah Loux in Elden Ring

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Your second boss battle with Godfrey in Elden Ring is much tougher than the first. Here’s how to defeat Godfrey and his Hoarah Loux form.

It turns out that there’s much more to Godfrey, the First Elden Lord, in Elden Ring. Throughout the game you’ve been hearing about him and a Tarnished champion called Hoarah Loux, the chieftain of the badlands. As it happens, Godfrey is Hoarah Loux, or went by this name long ago.

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As you approach the final few bosses in Elden Ring, you start to learn about who they are. Hoarah Loux was a powerful human warlord that married the Goddess Marika and fathered the demi-gods you’ve been picking off throughout Elden Ring. In your second battle with Godfrey, he channels his inner warrior and once again becomes Hoarah Loux.


Godfrey elden ringFrom Software
Godfrey after adopting his god persona.

Where to find Hoarah Loux in Elden Ring

The second battle with Godfrey takes place near the Elden Throne in the arena where you fought Morgott the Omen King, so it’s a short walk from where you last fought Godfrey, only this time he’s not bathed in golden light, and will engage you in conversation.

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However, you’ll need to go through one of your oldest allies before you can battle Hoarah Loux again.

Godfrey elden ringFrom Software
Godfrey with Serosh.

Gideon Ofnir battle

Before you can challenge Godfrey for a second time, you’ll need to make your way back to the Elden Throne. When you approach the temple where you fought Godfrey the first time, you’ll find Gideon Ofnir waiting for you.

‘The All-Knowing’ one will have disappeared from the Round Table Hold when you defeated Maleketh and now seems to have had a change of heart about your mission. Something appears to have spooked your old mentor.

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You’ll need to defeat your fellow Tarnished champion before you can enter the Elden Throne area again. While Ofnir has some powerful spells, he’s relatively weak and most players should be able to take him down without too much trouble.

Just buff yourself against magic attacks, dodge his highly telegraphed spells, then counter-attack until he falls. The real challenge comes next.

Gideon ofnir elden ringFrom Software
You’ll need to go through Ofnir before you can get to Godfrey again.

NPC support

If you’ve followed Nepheli Loux’s questline and helped her become the Lady of Stormveil, her gold summon sign will appear before you enter Godfrey’s arena. This will only happen if she now sits on Godrick the Grafted’s throne – and it won’t if you decided to turn her into a puppet. 

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Interestingly, if you’re in New Game Plus, and are using a Nepheli Loux puppet as your Spirt Summon, you’ll still be able to call on Nepheli as an NPC as long as you completed her quest in your second playthrough. So, if you want to use two different Nepheli Loux NPCs for this boss, that’s how.

Of course, now that Gideon Ofnir is dead, Hoarah Loux, or Godfrey, is the final piece of the puzzle in completing Nepheli’s quest. He also stands between you and the Elden Ring.

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Lord of Frenzied Flame NPC summon

If you’re walking the dark and destructive path towards becoming the Lord of Frenzied Flame, then you’ll be able to summon Shabriri instead of Nepheli.

Shabriri will now inhabit Bloody Finger Hunter Yura’s body, so be sure to have completed his quest to make this NPC summon possible. You’ll also need to have completed Hyetta’s quest and have been embraced by the Three Fingers.

How to beat Hoarah Loux as Godfrey

This battle with Godfrey will be very similar to the first encounter, only this time he’ll have back-up from his spirit lion Serosh. While Serosh doesn’t fight you directly, he’s fused to Godfrey’s back and serves as a powerful buff after the boss does his war cry.

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Use the same strategy you used during the first battle, let him swing his combos and counter-attack once he’s vulnerable. His jumping attacks are well telegraphed and easily avoided. When he lands, move in for the attack.

Once you get him to half-health, a cutscene will play. Godfrey will dismiss Serosh and throw down his armor and weapons. He’ll then continue to fight you with his bare hands as human warlord, rather than a golden god.

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Hoarah Loux elden ringGodfrey sheds his godhood to become Hoarah Loux once more.

How to beat Hoarah Loux, Warrior

Hoarah Loux is a completely different ballgame from Godfrey in terms of ferocity and speed. The good news though is that he’ll still only have half a health bar and won’t regenerate it as most bosses do in their second stage.

If you didn’t summon your Spirit Ash during the first stage, now is the time to do it. Although spirits already summoned should continue to fight after the cutscene.

Most of Hoarah Loux’s attacks are big stomps and lunges, they do massive AOE damage, but can be avoided easily. He also leaves himself open for several frames after each, meaning you can land a few hits on him before he recovers.

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Don’t get too greedy though, or he’ll take advantage and put you on the defensive. Instead, keep moving and circling him until there’s an opportunity to strike. Magic and ranged users should also adopt this strategy, but take extra care not to get caught by him.

So, that’s how you take down Godfrey / Hoarah Loux in Elden Ring. Make sure you check out our Elden Ring page for all the latest news and guides.

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