How to beat Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring: Boss stats, weaknesses & tips

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elden ring flying dragon agheel

Elden Ring has plenty of optional bosses for players to take on, like the Flying Dragon Agheel, a gigantic beast that patrols the Agheel Lake in Limgrave. Here’s everything you need to know to beat this fire-breathing wyvern in FromSoftware’s game.

Elden Ring is home to plenty of terrifying bosses, but one of the most intimidating is Flying Dragon Agheel, who prowls the Agheel Lake. Unlike Margit the Fallen Omen, Flying Dragon Agheel is one of the game’s optional bosses, which means Tarnished can choose whether to tackle this gigantic dragon or run for the hills. 

However, those who wish to take on this colossal beast and best it in combat will be rewarded for their efforts. Whether you’re looking to claim the Dragon Heart or simply aim to kill every boss in Elden Ring you’ll need to come prepared. 

Fortunately, our Flying Dragon Agheel boss guide has everything you need to take down this fire-breathing dragon without taking so much a scratch. So, if you’re having difficulty beating this scaly foe, then look no further. 


Flying Dragon Agheel may seem intimidating, but it’s a fairly simple fight.

How to beat Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring

When you reach the Flying Dragon Agheel area, it will land from the sky and stand idle for a few seconds, giving you a brief chance to weave in some heavy-hitting attacks. 

Due to the sheer size of this boss, we recommend using the Spectral Steed Whistle to summon your mount. The added mobility from your horse will enable you to safely avoid Flying Dragon Agheel’s colossal stomps and claw swipes, giving you opportunities to dart in and out of combat. 

Simply ride up to Agheel’s legs and wings and begin hitting them with your weapon, constantly ensuring you circle around him. By staying directly behind this mighty dragon, you’ll be able to avoid the majority of his attacks. 

When you’ve done enough damage, Agheel will topple over. During this brief period, you’ll want to make your way over to its head and dismount to deliver a high-damage hit. After doing this, remount and continue to chip away at the dragon’s legs and wings until the beast’s health bar reaches zero. 

It’s important to note that Agheel’s tail cannot be severed, so Dark Souls fans looking to fashion a weapon out of this body part are best avoiding this particular limb altogether. 

If you’re still struggling to kill Agheel with this method, then you can always use long-range weapons and spells to safely bombard it from afar. Head over to the western shore and use the rubble to avoid any incoming damages, while constantly barraging Agheel with your attacks.

Where to find Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring

Flying Dragon Agheel is located on the northwestern island of Agheel Lake, in Limgrave. Once you approach the sacrificial pyre, this mighty dragon will swoop down from the skies above and begin scouring its surroundings in search of prey, so be careful.

elden ring flying dragon agheel location

Flying Dragon Agheel stats

This gigantic creature has the following stats:

  • Health: 3200 HP
  • Defense: 106
  • Stance: 120
  • Parryable: No
  • Immunities: Sleep and madness
  • Deals: Fire and Standard physical damage

Flying Dragon Agheel weaknesses

During the encounter against this Dragon, players should aim for its weak spots, such as its head, which takes 50% more damage.

Additionally, Flying Dragon Agheel will take an extra 20% standard damage after getting a critical hit. Players can reach this by taking advantage of its weakness to Pierce damage using Bows, Crossbows, Great Spears, and Halberds.

Flying Dragon Agheel head hit
Flying Dragon Agheel’s head is a big weak point.

Useful tips to defeat Flying Dragon Agheel

NPC summons

You can summon Bloody Finger Hunter Yura to aid you in this tough battle. First, speak to him in the ravine after you get invaded by Bloody Finger Nerijus. He’ll then warn you about Agheel and advise you to avoid the dragon.

His gold summon sign can then be found as you approach the area where Agheel swoops down. It’s worth summoning Yura, even if it’s just to be used as a distraction. Remember, Agheel will receive a health and damage buff if Yura is summoned.

Spirit Ashes

The optimal Spirit Ash to summon for the Flying Dragon Agheel encounter is the Kaiden Sellsword Ashes.

This will summon a melee-ranged armed mercenary for only 88 FP who will block and inflict a good amount of damage while fighting next to you thanks to its powerful curved cleaver.

elden ring kaiden sellsword ashes

You can get the Kaiden Sellsword Ashes by defeating the Erdtree Burial Watchdog in the Cliffbottom Catacombs.


One of the items you must consider taking into battle is the Dragonwound Grease. This consumable will coat any right-hand armament, increasing its damage against regular dragons by 30% and 20% for Ancient Dragons.

The Dragonwound Grease lasts for 60 seconds and can be obtained in several places like Raya Lucaria, the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, the Divine Tower of Caelid, Sage’s Cave, or the Temple Quarter.


The best spell to attack Flying Dragon Agheel is Rock Sling. This Gravity Sorcery costs 18 FP and 29 Stamina and raises rocks from the earth and sends them flying toward your enemy.

Its only requirement is 18 Intelligence and can be found in a chest in an underground cellar on the north side of the Street of Sages Ruins. Additionally, it can be boosted by the Meteorite Staff.

All Flying Dragon Agheel attacks

Here are all the attacks this creature can perform during an encounter:

  • Low, High, and Lunging Stomps
  • Bite
  • Wing Slam and Wing Sweep
  • Charge
  • Tail Whip
  • Spin Bite
  • Whip & Gore
  • Repositioning Hop
  • Dive Bomb
  • Sweeping and Tracking Breaths
  • Retreat
  • Strafe

Flying Dragon Agheel drops

elden ring dragon heart
You can exchange the Dragon Heart in the Dragon Communion.

Upon defeating Agheel, you’ll be rewarded with 5000 Runes and a Dragon Heart. The Dragon Heart can be traded for draconic Incantations at the Church of Dragon Communion. It’s certainly not a bad reward and with this victory, you’ll be able to pump more levels into your character’s build. 

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