LIVE: Post-Dota 2 International 2019 Roster Shuffle

Scott Robertson

It’s the madness that comes after the majesty. The chaos after the storm. Every year, multiple Dota 2 teams reassess their position after the world’s biggest tournament comes to a close. This is the post-Dota 2 International shuffle: 2019 edition.

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This post-TI9 Roster Shuffle hub will keep you up-to-date with everything that goes down over the next few months.

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ValveOG celebrate after their second straight TI win
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Confirmed Roster Changes after TI9

The following moves have all been officially confirmed by players or organizations.

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September 26

Alliance roster departs organization

September 21

Vici Gaming announce Pyw acquisition

  • Announced on Vici Twitter
  • Lost Fade to temporary retirement (joined Team Aster two weeks later)
  • Full Vici roster: Eurus, Ori, Yang, Pyw, Dy

September 20

Ninjas in Pyjamas announce new roster

  • PPD and Universe reunite after winning TI5 together on Evil Geniuses
  • Full roster: PPD, Universe, Skiter, Gunna, Biver

September 18

Invictus Gaming and iG Vitality announce roster changes

  • iG: Kaka joins from Keen Gaming, zhizhizhi joins full-time (previously loaned from Team Serenity), dogf1ghts joins Royal Never Give Up.
  • iG.Vitality: Django leaves, black.z moves to bench, bobo joins on loan from EHOME.Immortal. 白马 and InJuly return
  • iG roster: zhizhizhi, Emo, JT- (on loan from Mineski), Kaka, Oli
  • iG.Vitality roster: Dust, bobo (on loan from EHOME.Immortal), ButterflyEffect, InJuly,  白马, and mianmian
  • Announced on iG Weibo

September 17

J.storm announce new roster

  • Announced on the team’s twitter
  • New roster is Resolut1on, Nine, Moo, MoOz, Fear

September 16

Evil Geniuses announce roster changes

  • Announced on the team’s website
  • SumaiL and s4 leave
  • Abed and RAMZES666 join 

September 15

Gambit finalize roster

  • Announced on the team’s Twitter
  • Dream, Shachlo, XSvamp1Re join

September 14

Keen Gaming finalize roster

September 13

Team Liquid roster leaves organization

  • Looking to start their own player-run organization
  • GH, KuroKy, MinD_ContRoL, Miracle-, w33
  • Liquid wants to remain in Dota

TNC Predator finalize roster

September 10th

Cloud9 seeking players

September 9th

NiP’s Saksa takes a break

P4pita returns to Infamous

September 8th

Fade joins Aster Gaming

September 6th

Team Oracle unveil new roster

The Final Tribe roster join GODSENT

Lowkey esport announce new roster

  • Announced on the team’s Facebook
  • Full roster: Skadilicious, Yowe, Sam H, Luzify, Flysolo, Klo

September 5th

9pasha and coach ArsZeeqq leave Virtus.Pro

September 4th

Mushi joins Keen Gaming

Fnatic announce new roster

September 3rd

Misha forms Positive Guys

September 2nd

SabeRLight- leaves Hippomaniacs

September 1st

Sccc joins Team Aster

August 31st

Alpha x Hashtag announce new roster

August 30th

Chaos Esports Club: matumbaman skipping November major

August 29th

EternaLEnVy announces new team, looking for sponsor

INFAMOUS roster leaves org together

  • K1, Christ Luck. Wisper, Scofield, Stinger all depart.
  • Looking for new organization.
  • Announced by manager and INFAMOUS

PSG.LGD drops coach, loses FY for three months

  • Announced on Twitter
  • Coach 357 departs the Chinese team
  • FY will be sidelined three months, team will miss November major

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August 28th

INFAMOUS roster will stay together

Kuku departs TNC Predator

DuBu moves on from Fnatic

KheZu leaves Chaos

August 27th

Sccc on leave from Newbee

  • Posted on Weibo
  • Taking a break for a year, may try casting. Not completely ruling out competition.

August 26th

ViCi Gaming looking for a new support

Alliance will not make any changes

compLexity release entire roster

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Mineski roster members leave

August 22nd

T1 sign Forev

Gambit sign gpk

August 18

PPD considering options

Dota Pro Circuit Rules and Deadlines

Valve announced the rules and information for this years’s Dota Pro Circuit on September 10. The top 12 in points at the end of the Circuit will receive direct invites to The International 2020.

The first minor and major of the Dota Pro Circuit 2019/2020 will both take place in November. The minor is DOTA Summit 11, held in Los Angeles from November 7-11. The major will be MDL Chengdu, in Chengdu, China from November 16-24. There will also be minor and majors held across January, March, April, May, and June. 

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All minors will boast 660 circuit points and $300,000 prize pools, and all majors will offer 15,000 circuit points and $1,000,000 prize pools. Minor winners that qualify for majors will only get points from the one event in which they place better. Teams can no longer release players after the final minor/major.

The official venues and hosts for the 2019/2020 events have yet to be announced.

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