Dota 2 players split over patch released days before The International 2023

Titas Khan
cover art for dota 2 gameplay update 7.34d featuring invoker.Valve

The annual Dota 2 showcase, The International, is set to begin in a few days, and Valve has released a pre-TI patch, leaving the community with mixed feelings. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest Dota 2 patch.

Valve has released a sub-patch for Dota 2, 7.34d, with only eight days left before The International 2023 kicks off. While the patch does address some of the glaring issues with the meta, there are quite a few who are skeptical about the timing of the patch.

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TI is undoubtedly the biggest Dota 2 championship of the year, and releasing a patch merely days before the event leaves the participants in a weird spot. Nevertheless, the patch does seem like a blessing in disguise to save the community from watching repetitive drafts featuring the same heroes getting banned or picked.

Let’s dive in and check out everything there is to know about the pre-TI patch.

Valve releases Dota 2 patch eight days before TI12

image featuring the Dota 2 TI11 Championship held in Singapore.Valve/PGL
Dota 2 7.34d is the nearest patch release to TI in the tournament’s recent history.

Understanding and adapting the Dota 2 meta at the highest level can take quite a bit of time, even for pro players and coaches. Because of this, gameplay patches are usually released weeks before major tournaments.

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However, Valve has surprised the community with a sub-patch only eight days prior to TI12. Although the patch isn’t the biggest, there are still quite a few balancing changes that not only affect the meta overpowered heroes but also some of the ones that had fallen out of favor.

Heroes like Phantom Assassin and Sven are notably weaker than they were in 7.34c, while heroes like Weaver, Luna, and Enigma are considerably stronger.

To be precise, 53 heroes have been affected by changes in patch 7.34d, along with five items and three neutral items. All of these changes will definitely take some time for the teams to fully understand and execute at TI.

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With only days to go before TI, all the teams will be looking to explore the changes to gain a strategic edge at the tournament, adding another layer of interest before The International 12’s group stage begins.

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