How to complete Escape Claws quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Disney Dreamlight Valley claws

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Escape Claws quest gives you the chance to unlock Sulley and Mike. Here’s exactly how you can complete this quest in the game and add the beloved Monsters Inc. characters to your Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with exciting quests, and The Laugh Floor update is no different, with players having to act as monsters to engage with the game‘s beloved Monsters, Inc. characters, Mike and Sulley. However, doing so can be a little tricky, especially when some of the quests include puzzles and hidden objects.

So, with that in mind, here’s how to complete the Escape Claws quest in Disney Dreamlilght Valley so you can bring these adorable characters into your Valley.

How to complete Escape Claws in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley escape claws quest

1. Search for something to disguise yourself as a monster

The first challenge you’ll come across is to try and pass as a monster, so you can get into the Laugh floor and meet Mike and Sulley.

To do this, head to the back right of the room you’re in and look for the lockers in the corner. Interact with the locker and pick up the ‘Lost and Found Monster Wear‘. Then, head into your wardrobe and put on a set of ears, and the Hard Hat. Then you’ll be looking like a monster, so it’s time to take a selfie and head inside.

2. Clean the Laugh Floor

After speaking to Sulley, your internship will have started so it’s time to start cleaning the Laugh Floor. To do this, clean up the Slug Slime Puddles, which are the green splodges on the ground, and collect the Party Trash, which looks like cans and paper.

If you’re having trouble, you can interact with the Party Trash and stomp it away, or use your watering can on the Slime Puddles to melt them. Then simply chat with Sulley and that part of the quest will be complete.

3. Make coffee

Once you’ve spoken to Sulley, you’ll need to make both of them a cup of coffee. But you’ll have to make it in a specific way.

Sulley likes his coffee extra strong meaning you need five coffee Beans for Sulley’s coffee. Then for Mike, you need one coffee, one Non-dairy Screamer, and three Sugars. Once you’ve made them, bring them to the two monsters and they’ll start executing their plan.

4. Find the Emergency Manual

Disney Dreamlight Valley manual location

With Mike stuck in the human world after a door malfunction, you need to locate the Emergency Manual to help get him out.

You’ll find the Manual on a desk just behind you on the left if you’re still facing the broken door. Head there and grab the Manual, then go back to Sulley.

5. Find Electrical Panels and Power Lines

To fix the fuse box and get Mike out, you’ll need to find three Electrical Panels and ten Power Lines. To do this, you need to collect some Laugh Floor Fuses, which are scattered across the ground. Collect three then put them in the fuse box to fix the Electrical Panels.

Then, look for sparks along the floor by the power lines and interact with them to put them back together. You may need to push some laugh canisters out the way by interacting with those too.

Once you’ve done that Mike will be free and you can speak to Sulley, which will end up in you inviting him to Dreamlight Valley. Now all you have to do is convince Mike…

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