Disney Dreamlight Valley fans want Beast in human form in next Dream Bundle

Jessica Filby
The Beast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley players have had enough of the Beast being in his original form, with many now calling for his human form to appear in the next Dream Bundle.

Arriving along with Belle, Disney Dreamlight Valley fans were thrilled to finally see Beast join the game. Their love story is one of classic Disney, and even though it’s formed out of some rather questionable actions, many do love both characters and were eagerly anticipating their arrival.

However, when they arrived, it was clear that a few elements of Beast’s design would be rather frustrating. His size was a major issue, with many fans finding it frustrating to hang out with him as they’d get stuck or be blocked by his imposing form. Then there was his attitude. It’s well known that Beast was a little insecure about his looks which caused him to isolate himself, and that’s translated over to the game.

So, to fix both of these issues, Disney Dreamlight Valley players have suggested a key Dream Bundle featuring Beast in human form.

Disney Dreamlight Valley players want to see Beast in human form

Sharing their idea on Reddit, one user explained how they wanted to see the human form of Beast made available: “I wonder if maybe there could be something like the Ursula human form thing, where we can have Beast in human form. His self-esteem is so low due to being in beast form, it makes me sad. So I’m officially putting that request out there.”

The Ursula human form element they’re referencing was the newest Dream Bundle, which allowed you to transform Ursula into her human form so she can walk on land, just like Ariel.

Many players adored this idea, with some taking to the comments to say how they “would willingly pay extra for this quest line (plus imagining Prince Adam just letting out a beast roar would be hilarious)” and “Hopefully they do one like Ursula’s or Wall-E’s,” referencing the Dream Bundles.

Others explained how this idea would fix their frustrations, going on to state: “It would be so nice to see Beast in human form, he is so large it is annoying having to do quests with him. He also is lacking in confidence and I think human form would help make him a bit less annoying.”

While there’s currently no word on whether there will be a new Dream Bundle in the next update, it’s clear the playerbase hopes Beast will be the primary focus, or at least will face an attitude change.

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