How long is Diablo 4’s campaign? Game length revealed

Chris Studley
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Diablo 4’s campaign length should keep fans of the franchise entertained for hours on end, even if they’re only there for the main storyline. Here is how long Diablo 4 takes to complete.

Diablo 4 will test players’ stick skills and ability to conquer enemies. Given that this will be an open-world game, it’s fair to wonder what exactly is Diablo 4’s campaign length.

While it may vary by player preferences and skill level, we do have an answer as to an estimated time frame for how long it’ll take the average player to get through the main story.

That is thanks to the game’s lead developers and managers, as an interview with top brass at Blizzard shed light on how long it was taking internally for players to complete Diablo 4’s main campaign.

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How long is Diablo 4?

The length of Diablo 4’s campaign should take about 35 hours to complete for most players. This length was confirmed by Diablo’s game’s director Joe Shely and General Manager Rod Fergusson in an 2022 interview with GameSpot.

Granted, this could depend on how thorough and adept any given play is when making their run through Diablo 4. Some players have reported beating the campaign in around 20 hours. But, that timeframe should give players a rough idea as to what to expect in the new title.

The developers stated prior to the launch, player freedom in Diablo 4 was ensured during its development. Diablo 4’s campaign is non-linear, as it will allow players to venture in any which direction they choose.

There will also be plenty to do once one hits the postgame section. Diablo 4 will see the addition of Paragon Boards, a new way to expand customization of characters in the title. The Paragon Boards are unlocked at Level 50, giving players an end-game goal to grind toward.

Not to mention, Diablo 4 will also include seasonal content that’ll keep players on their toes. A Diablo 4 developer has claimed that Battle Pass content will take roughly 80 hours to get through for each season.

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