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Diablo fans concerned Blizzard have “impossible task” with Diablo 4 hype

Published: 30/Nov/2021 11:50

by Lauren Bergin


Diablo 4’s future remains shrouded in mystery after its release date was delayed, but fans are concerned that the next installment in Blizzard’s devilish franchise may be nigh impossible to develop.

Ever since Blizzcon 2018, Diablo fans have been on the edge of their bloodstained thrones waiting for the arrival of the series’ fourth installment, Diablo 4.

While no concrete release date was ever given, news that Diablo 4 had been pushed from 2022 into 2023 did little to inspire the franchise’s passionate community.

In the wake of the delay, as well as a series of issues with the highly anticipated Diablo 2 remaster, Diablo 2 Resurrected, fans have expressed concerns over how Blizzard will go about developing the sequel.


diablo 4 sorceress barbarian fighting a boss gameplay
Blizzard Entertainment
Other than a few screenshots, we know little to nothing about Diablo 4.

Diablo fans concerned for Diablo 4

Using Reddit to vent their frustrations, one player writes that the “Diablo 4 team has the impossible task of making a sequel to two different games.”

Coming into Diablo 3, many OG Diablo fans criticized the game’s flashy combat mechanics and beautiful vistas, believing that Blizzard had lost Diablo and Diablo 2’s ominous ambiance. For some players, Diablo 3 rejected the very essence of what made the Diablo games so memorable, in turn splitting the fanbase down the center.

D4 team has the impossible task of making a sequel to two different games: D2 and D3. from Diablo

One comment states that Diablo 4 “needs to be its own thing, or it needs to combine the good parts of both games. Not be a sequel to both of them or either, it has to also stand on its own.”


Writing that “both games are terribly flawed and we need a better game,” they conclude that the community needs something that is “not just a better version of one of them while carrying over a bunch of the same flaws.”

Another response notes that “I’m hoping Diablo Immortal is the sequel to D3, and Diablo 4 is the sequel to D2,” with a final reply noting that Blizzard have actively said they want to bring back Diablo 2’s “gothic horror genre elements.”

As Lilith continues to lurk in the shadows and the future of Sanctuary balances on a knife’s edge, all eyes are on Blizzard to breathe new life into the Diablo story. So, be sure to say your prayers to the High Heavens, and channel some of Auriel’s undying hope.