Diablo 4 streamer Wudijo’s near-max level Season 1 Hardcore run ends to disconnect

Ethan Dean
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Season 1 of Diablo 4 kicked off with a familiar race to push a Hardcore character to level 100. Though a prominent streamer’s journey ended in heartbreak when they lost their progress to a disconnect.

Diablo 4’s promotional race to Hardcore level 100 was the stuff of legends during the game’s initial release. With the launch of Season 1, the community challenged themselves this time around.

While no hallowed place on a statue of Lilith would be awarded this time, players still chose to test their limits. In the original race, deaths to disconnect were common and frequently maligned by the community.

Another has now been claimed by the phenomenon. Streamer Wudijo, considered by the community to be one of the best Diablo players around, lost a level 93 Rogue to a disconnect live on stream.

Diablo 4’s Hardcore mode is a permadeath challenge that highly skilled players have been contending with since launch. A single misstep can mean the loss of a character for good.

After 48 hours of effort and only 53 hours following the launch of the season, Wudijo lost power to his home briefly. Mid-dungeon at the time of the outage, when the streamer logged back in, his character was gone.

Checking The Hall of Fallen Heroes where fallen Hardcore characters are enshrined, Wudijo saw that his Rogue was listed as killed by a Revenant. “It’s over. There is no appeal,” said a dejected Wudijo.

Despite this issue not being caused by any issues with servers, fans of Wudijo in the chat still took shots at Blizzard. They criticized Diablo 4’s always-online style of play which has prematurely ended other Hardcore runs.

diablo 4 rogue builds
Rogue is considered one of the strongest classes in Diablo 4 following the Season 1 patch.

Despite the setback and hard feelings, Wudijo has streamed more Diablo 4 since the incident. This time running a Sorcerer and attempting to reach Hardcore level 100 in Season 1.

If you want to follow in Wudijo’s footsteps and build either of the classes he’s attempted his runs with, we have guides to help. You can find our Rogue builds here or if a Sorcerer is more your style, our build for them is here.

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