Diablo 4 streamer wudjio explodes on Twitch amid world’s first Echo of Lilith Hardcore attempt

Liam Ho
Lilith in Diablo IV

Diablo 4 content creator wudijo exploded on Twitch whilst attempting to solo the pinnacle boss Echo of Lilith on his Hardcore Rogue.

Blizzard’s ARPG Diablo 4 has finally gone live for all players. Thousands are hailing in from all over the world, ready to get a start in Sanctuary. What awaits them will be a whole bunch of dungeon exploring, loot finding, and of course, demon-slaying. However, whilst it may be the start for some, others have already been grinding away, perfecting their character and their build during the early access window.

One such player is Diablo content creator wudijo, who had been grinding on their Hardcore Rogue since the release of early access. Wudijo, like many other hardcore players, was keen to compete in the hardcore competition Blizzard had put out.

After a marathon race, it was ultimately cArn_ who took out the world’s first spot. Yet whilst wudijo wasn’t the first player to reach level 100 on his Hardcore Rogue, they were, however, one of the first to attempt the game’s most difficult boss, the Echo of Lilith.

This Pinnacle fight is challenging even for players at max level, requiring a competent build and understanding of your class to come out victorious. Wudijo, being insanely skilled and obviously dedicated to the grind, was the first player to dive into this pinnacle challenge on Hardcore, where death is permanent.

On their Hardcore Rogue, wudijo was able to take down Phase 1 of the Echo of Lilith, in a lengthy 40+ minute battle that saw their Twitch viewership skyrocket.

This came after an already mammoth 14 hours of streaming. Naturally, the historic attempt caught traction across the web, and what started as roughly 20,000 viewers quickly skyrocketed to more than 70,000 concurrent viewers as they all watched him take on the Echo of Lilith.

The streamer had used a potion of Death Evasion before the fight began, granting them a temporary failsafe if they happened to make a mistake. Unfortunately, the potion’s effect began to wear off just as the streamer reached the second phase, after 40 minutes of intense focus. This forced them to teleport out of the fight, ensuring they didn’t lose their level 100 Rogue forever.

While he stepped away from the fight on this day, he’s confident he’s “pretty close” to mastering the fight. After some sleep, he’s eager to try again and be the first to solo Diablo 4’s toughest challenge on Hardcore mode.

Next time, however, he’s sure to bring a second potion of Death Evansion to guarantee his takedown of this insanely difficult boss.