Diablo 4’s first hardcore level 100 character vanished and players are freaking out

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The first player to reach level 100 on Hardcore mode in Diablo 4 has lost his character after getting disconnected from the game out of nowhere.

Getting to level 100 in Diablo 4’s Hardcore mode is one of the most sweat-inducing and stressful experiences that can come from the game.

While playing in this mode, death is permanent, meaning the player’s character gets deleted once they die.

Fear running rampant among Diablo 4 players

Diablo 4 is what’s known as an always-online game, meaning that it cannot be played without an internet connection or being connected to the games’ servers. Players have had their fair share of random disconnects and freezes, especially on launch day, but in hardcore mode that can be devastating.

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In a clip posted to Twitch, Diablo streamer Souaïb ‘carn’ Hanaf gets disconnected from Diablo 4 while running around killing mobs on his level 100 Barbarian.

The sheer panic in his voice is one that all Hardcore players can level with.

This clip of Carn getting disconnected wasn’t just heartbreaking and terrifying for the streamer. Other players are also upset about the fact that this could happen to them as well.

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During the full video of Carn playing his Barb after reaching 100, viewers in the chat begin panicking for him when the game disconnects.

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One said “im literally nervous, and its not my character”, while another simply just put what everyone was thinking: “RIP.”

The amount of work Carn put in to reach this goal, over 82 hours to be exact, made this random disconnect absolutely devastating for the streamer.

Carn was attempting to not only break the record of being the first player to reach 100 on Hardcore mode in Diablo 4, but he was also attempting to complete the challenge Blizzard put out prior to the games’ release.

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While this will not disqualify Carn from being “immortalised” on the Lilith statue within the game, that doesn’t mean it is any less disappointing, especially for others attempting to reach this goal to be put onto the demon’s statue.

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