Diablo 4 players worried that OP Necromancer skill will get nerfed

Andrew Highton
necromancer class in diablo 4

While most Diablo 4 players are having fun with Sorcerers, Necromancer players are currently fretting about whether or not the devs will nerf the class once more and weaken one of the class’s strongest abilities.

Each one of Diablo 4’s classes has the potential to be turned into a monster-slaying machine. The best builds are called that way for a reason, they’re OP, everyone loves them, and they make your Sanctuary slaughter even more fruitful.

It’s been no secret in the D4 community that the Sorcerer class has reigned supreme – so far. It contains great power, although another class has actually proven to be more capable of dealing billions worth of damage! many would argue that the Necromancer is another effective damage-dealing destroyer.

The class has had some nerfs in recent times though, and fans are desperate for Blizzard to avoid nerfing one of its best, maybe the best, skills.

Necromancer’s “insane damage output” needs to be left alone in Diablo 4

“I’m going to miss it when it nerfed,” were the words of Diablo 4 Reddit user elkeiem. They backed up their statement with a Kermit meme saying: “Bone Necro waiting for Conduit Shrine to finally do some damage.”

The notion is that those who use the Necromancer’s Bone skills to create some truly devastating builds, such as the Bone Spear and Bone Spirit Necro, may see their current OP characters nerfed across PvE and PvP.

“Man they better not nerf bone Necro into the ground without buffing everything else, its insane damage output is one of the few things Necro has going for it,” said one player. Another concerned D4 user explained: “Oh, I’m afraid utterly neutering the entire class into dust doesn’t much matter to these devs.”

On the other hand, a couple of players believed that the Necromancer class is quite safe. “They aren’t gonna nerf it. The class is a glass cannon pure dps,” said one player, and another offered: “Yeah, but that conduit shrine gave you some movement speed, which must have felt pretty good. Necromancer is like a wheelchair with no wheels compared to all the other classes.”

Time will tell if Blizzard deems the Necromancer class worthy of being nerfed again. While they decide, the devs are actually encouraging players to stop playing Diablo 4.

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