Diablo 4 devs encourage players to “take a break” from the endgame grind

Liam Ho
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Developers on the Diablo 4 team have suggested that players who are tiring out from grinding the endgame should “take a break” and come back when there are new things to do.

Diablo 4 has been nothing but a massive success for Blizzard. The continuation of their well-known ARPG franchise has resulted in huge sales for the company, with plenty of players hopping back into the series. Alongside this, Diablo 4’s open-world inspiration has meant many newcomers have joined the fray, interested in hopping into the newest title.

After the lengthy campaign that Diablo 4 offers, players have plenty of content to complete whilst running around the world of Sanctuary. Whether that be leveling up new characters and classes, participating in world bosses and events, or even testing their might in Nightmare Dungeons. That being said, the endgame grind can still be quite a long and challenging one, with players being dropped off at around level 50 when the campaign finishes.

Some players have found that the lengthy endgame grind of Diablo 4 can be quite grueling, with some not enticed by the loot cycle. In order to counteract the burnout that certain players are facing, the developers offered some advice.

Diablo 4 art

D4 devs suggest players take a break to avoid burnout

In a recent developer livestream, associate game director Joseph Piepiora offered players some advice on reducing burnout.

“When you’ve reached all the goals and done the things you think are important, take a break, that’s fine […] we do the same thing,” the developer admitted.

This aligns perfectly with Diablo 4’s new seasonal structure, which will inject the game with new content occasionally so players can return. Piepiora also reminded the livestream of this.

“When a new season [arrives] and there’s new things for you to come check out, that’s a great time to come back […] that’s exactly when you should come back and check out Diablo 4 fresh,” Piepora continued.

It’s important to note that a new season in Diablo 4 means players will start from scratch once again, meaning players that join back when a season starts won’t feel left behind.

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