Heartbroken Diablo 4 players claim they’ve been excluded from Hardcore 100 Lilith statue

Ethan Dean
Statue of Lilith for Hardcore 100 Players

An apparent error from Blizzard has caused more than 30 seemingly eligible players to be left off an official list of the first 1,000 people to reach level 100 on a Hardcore character in Diablo 4. The incident caught the attention of fans who are now searching for answers.

Since Diablo 4’s launch, players have been scrambling to achieve the difficult feat as part of a promotion run by Blizzard. The first 1,000 players to reach level 100 on Hardcore mode were to be immortalized on a statue of the game’s primary antagonist, the demon Lilith.

The company made the announcement that the milestone had finally been achieved on June 22 via the Diablo Twitter account. The list has since been published on Blizzard’s blog but with some apparent omissions.

Reddit user dumptruxxx posted on the Diablo 4 subreddit on July 6 with evidence that they had achieved the feat and entered correctly according to the terms and conditions set by Blizzard. Despite this, they and many others who added their voices to the issue, have been excluded from the official list.

Since posting, a list of 34 users who claim to be experiencing the same thing has been compiled. While a few on the list appear to have entered incorrectly, many of them seemingly met the T&Cs and posted well before the player limit had been reached.

The original poster, Dumptruxx themselves, initially posted a confirmation tweet on June 11, 11 days before Blizzard ended the competition. Others who entered correctly did so as early as June 9.

Dumptruxx and others also claim that friends of theirs who they played with made the list. “I see many of my friends who I grouped with that also reached level 100 on the list. I made the same tweet as them. We were all in discord together and did it very carefully,” dumptruxxx said.

The incident even caught the attention of popular content creator Asmongold who published a video to his YouTube channel detailing the matter. He has since tweeted at the Diablo 4 Twitter account directly asking Blizzard to look into this.

Blizzard has since taken notice and, following backlash from players and content creators vouching for those left off the list, the players who have been left off are being properly credited.

While the updated list isn’t out there quite yet, those who were left off are glad that Blizzard has at least addressed the issue.

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