Diablo 4 player proves horses move slower on console than PC

Liam Ho
Diablo 4 barbarian on horse

A Diablo 4 player has proven via a video that horses on consoles are actually moving slower than their PC counterparts.

Diablo 4 has been nothing but a success for Blizzard. The ARPG came swinging for the fences and delivered players the classic Diablo experience they’d be longing for, alongside a bunch of new features. Diablo 4 sold tremendously well, making over $666 million USD in just the first week of release and breaking all-time Blizzard records for their fastest-selling game.

Unlike the previous entries into the franchise, Diablo 4 was developed particularly with the new player experience in mind. The developers were aware that this would be the first Diablo game for many players. They ensured that whilst the game would be easy to enter, they wanted to provide a new experience for veteran players also.

Some of this came in the form of land itself. Sanctuary in Diablo 4 is presented as a completely open world, with sprawling dungeons and cellars to explore. The iconic locations could be explored entirely without loading screens, with a trusty steed that unlocks during the story. However, a portion of players has taken issue with their mount, with console players particularly peeved at the slow speed they get in comparison to PC players.

Diablo 4 console player discovers horses move faster on PC

As shown by Reddit user Competitive-Trade-16 in their video, console players can’t seem to keep up the pace with their PC counterparts.

Trade is hoping that this is just a bug for the moment, and will hopefully be fixed in the future. One of the potential reasons behind this major speed gap is due to the way the “Spur” ability works on PC.

“I don’t know why you got downvoted, but that’s how it works on PC. The far your mouse cursor is from your horse, the faster the horse gets, and it’s like a huge difference,” a user commented.

Blizzard has acknowledged that they’re aware of the bug, and will likely be implementing a fix in the near future so that console players can find a more fair footing.

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