Diablo 4 players applaud “insanely goated” map showing quests for optimal renown

Brianna Reeves
diablo 4 map renown

Diablo 4 players are loving a fan-made map that highlights all of the side quests worth replaying for “optimal renown.”

While Diablo 4 users patiently await the launch of Season 1 content, most aren’t looking forward to redoing their renown accomplishments.

Altars of Lilith, areas discovered, and main town waypoints will transfer to the new season, but players should be prepared to replay dungeons and the like.

With this in mind, one dedicated person designed a map marked with every side quest that leads to dungeons. Players are already cheering on the useful guide in Reddit comments.

Diablo 4 fan makes map to help with “optimal renown”

To help fellow players prepare for Season 1’s imminent arrival, Reddit user Tesdey highlighted side quests on a map of Sanctuary that lead to Dungeons. Hopefully, the guide will aid players in gaining “optimal renown,” the Redditor said.

As seen in the post below, the markings show places of interest all over the map, meaning plenty of side missions end with a worthwhile payoff.

In a subsequent post, Tesdey cited a list created by Tyndy as the inspiration for the map. “With the 1st season coming up, and seeing that we would have to do a part of the renown again, I reused [Tyndy’s] information to create this map that I believe is easier to use,” the Redditor wrote.

Of course, Diablo 4 players are beyond pleased with these efforts. “Insanely goated post,” one Reddit user wrote in response. Dozens of expressions of gratitude feel the thread, too, though some are a bit more cautious about progression optimization tactics.

Said one person in jest, “Yup! Gotta make sure we complete the entire season journey on day 1 of a 100-day season! So that we can run right back to Reddit and b***h about how there is nothing to do!”

A similar response reads reminds everyone the season will run for three months. “Optimizing your progression just means you’re at the end quicker. And then there is nothing left to do. I’m going to approach this extremely causal.”

Since everyone will operate at their own pace, guides like the renown map above may help some Diablo 4 players more than others.

Season 1 goes live across all platforms on July 20.