Diablo 4 players desperate for change to “obnoxious” travel obstacles

Andrew Highton
diablo 4 player traveling

One of Diablo 4’s biggest gameplay points is traveling. There is a truly expansive map to explore in Sanctuary, and players feel that Blizzard isn’t helping users out – especially later in the game.

The concept of moving around and exploring in Diablo has pretty much always been the same. Players travel around the map, killing enemies on the way and pillaging loot. Diablo 4 expanded upon travel by allowing the use of Mounts.

While they’ve come with their own issues, they’ve generally improved the pace of travel. To counteract this, another gameplay mechanic seems to be holding players up. The problem is so basic that it’s got the community wondering if Blizzard “play their own game?”

Diablo 4 road barricades are causing players “hassle”

It may seem like a trivial issue, but when you factor in that some Diablo 4 players are investing hundreds of hours into the game, something as minor as road barricades can suddenly seem like a major inconvenience.

A D4 Reddit user asked the community: “Who at Blizzard thought the road barricades were a good idea?”

They explained: “These things are obnoxious! All I’m trying to do is get to a world boss or Legion event but these damn things block the way. I get off my horse, fight the monsters, destroy the barricade, and then get back on my horse. Boom! There’s ANOTHER barricade just down the road! I’ve done the campaign. I’ve earned all the renown in each region. Would it really break the game to just let me get to the world boss without hassle?”

“One of countless things about Diablo 4 that GENUINELY make you wonder: does anyone at Blizzard play their own game?” said one of the top comments, and another added: “Agreed. Super annoying whenever I get stuck trying to get around one of these.”

Whether jokingly or not, a D4 fan thinks they have an answer as to why Blizzard implemented this design choice: “Judging by all the stuttering and lagging I experience traveling the world, I have to assume it’s deliberately there to slow people down to try and hide the poor performance.”

One area that players are hoping is not changed anytime soon though is Necromancers with users of the class worried that it’s going to get yet another nerf.

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