New Diablo 4 elixir makes Helltide events more challenging in Season 4

Brianna Reeves
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Diablo 4 PTR players and dataminers recently discovered a new Season 4 elixir that will intensify Helltide events.

The Season 4 PTR for Diablo 4 is slowly drawing to a close, as its final day is slated for Tuesday, April 9. Those who participated in the test realm learned much throughout the experience about confirmed features such as the itemization rework.

However, a few unannounced surprises managed to bubble to the surface as well. Because of certain loot drops, for example, players think the Iron Wolf faction will return as a central part of Season 4.

The community recently uncovered something else as well, which hints that Helltides could become even more challenging in the next season.

A user named atsnal posted a screenshot on the Diablo 4 subreddit, highlighting a never-before-seen elixir. The elixir’s description notes that it “Increases Helltide monster level and Aberrant Cinder drops.”

According to the Redditor, the item can be found in cellars during Helltides. The tiny leaf emblem that accompanies the consumable’s menu icon suggests it will be a seasonal item.

Thanks to datamining efforts, Wowhead has more information on the elixir which is called Profane Mindcage. Diablo 4 players can expect the new Helltide elixir to increase the Helltide Monster Level by 10 in Season 4. In addition, the elixir should last for 60 minutes and boost Threat gain.

This all indicates the divisive Helltide events will become much more challenging following the next season update.

Blizzard should share more concrete information in the weeks ahead, considering Season 4 is slated to arrive on May 14.

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