Diablo 4 dev claims key feature is being held back due to “performance concerns”

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Diablo 4 Lilith Art

A Diablo 4 developer has claimed that the game’s key feature of stashes is being held back due to various “performance concerns”.

Blizzard’s Diablo 4 has been a unanimous success for the studio. The ARPG’s 4th installment saw monumental sales for the company, breaking several records for the developers along the way. Many players have enjoyed slashing and hacking their way through Sanctuary, gaining fantastic loot and gold in the process.

Now in Season 1 of the title, many players have restarted their leveling journey once more. In order to reap the rewards of the season, players must start from the ground up with a new seasonal character. Alongside the new leveling grind, players will have the opportunity to grab more pieces of gear and loot each time they level up, and can store it in their stash for later.

The stash is personal storage that can be used by players to hold and access various items. However, many have now complained about the minimal storage space that the stash actually provides, with some arguing it’s nowhere near enough to hold all the goodies they find. However, a Diablo 4 developer has spoken up about why this is the case, explaining that it’s more of a performance issue than anything else.

Diablo 4 dev explains why stash storage is so small

Associate Game Director Joseph Piepiora explained on Twitter to a fan that storage space in stashes is quite expensive. Expensive meaning it creates a bunch of memory overhead.

“When we say they are expensive what we mean is that they create a lot of memory overhead. When you see another player in game you load them and their entire stash filled with all their items. This is what teams are working diligently to improve so that we can have more asap.” the reply reads.

The dev went on to say that it’s less of a storage issue and more so they don’t want players crashing when they see other players due to the performance constraints.

The devs have explained that they’re working diligently to improve upon this system as much as possible, meaning that while the one tab expansion wasn’t much, big things are hopefully coming in the future.

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