Bugged Diablo 4 chest showers player in endless loot: “It hasn’t stopped!”

Ethan Dean
Diablo 4 Helltide Loot

There’s been a lot of hyperbole around Diablo 4 when it comes to cascades of loot. It makes sense, the game’s a looter. One player, however, has found an apparently bugged chest that indeed does spew out a never-ending tide of lootable gear.

We all know that Diablo 4 throws an insane amount of loot at players who pulp enemies by the hundreds but what happens when the game goes insane? One lucky Reddit user found out.

u/High-With-You took to the Diablo 4 subreddit to post their astonishing discovery. A short clip they posted shows a chest that resets after every interaction and drops new loot every time.

They likened the situation to discovering an ATM spitting out cash due to an error. “It feels wrong, but I can’t stop,” they said.

The clip shows u/High-With-Me in game repeatedly interacting with the bugged chest which dropped tens of items in the clip alone. The last few frames show an inventory filled with Legendary gear.

One user asked how long it lasted to which the original poster responded: “It hasn’t stopped!” Other users jokingly asked if they could join u/High-With-Me’s world to take advantage of the bug.

Their one regret was that they were running the dungeon on World-Tier 3 at the time so the loot dropped from the chest was rarely on par with their current loadout. “If only I was on wt4,” they said.

u/High-With-Me later confirmed that the anomaly was over for them. Not because the chest stopped dropping loot mind you. Their game eventually crashed owing to what they assume was “probably too much on the screen at one time”.

Diablo 4 Barbarian Death Toll Armor Set
A rendering of what we assume u/High-With-Me’s character looked like after the event

The frustrating thing that most commenters on the post agreed was that there was probably no surefire way to emulate the bug. On top of that, Diablo 4’s troublesome storage for gear means you’d have to pick and choose carefully should you happen upon it.

This lucky Reddit user isn’t the only person who’s managed to take advantage of things not working the way Blizzard intended. Druid players are now evaporating enemies with single-hits clocking over one billion damage.

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