More top-tier Druid builds in Diablo 4: Leveling & endgame in Season 2

Sam Smith
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Not liking our main best Druid build in Diablo 4? Then here are some alternative best Druid builds for you to sink your fangs into, including both leveling and endgame in Season 2.

Diablo 4 has lots of impressive builds for the Celtic-inspired warriors of Sanctuary who harness the power of nature, aka the Druids, and many will see you safely through the game and into the vast endgame content. While we’ve already covered what we believe to be the best Druid build in Diablo 4 for both leveling and endgame, below we’ve included some alternative builds that are also worth your time.

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This way, you’ll have a choice when it comes to picking the best builds for the Druid in Diablo 4, especially when it comes to choosing a leveling build, or a build to tackle the endgame – which is where the game gets really interesting. Here’s our alternative best Druid builds in Diablo 4 Season 2.


diablo 4 druidBlizzard Entertainment
The Druid uses the power of nature to smite demons.

Best Diablo 4 Druid build for leveling

Diablo 4’s Druid has lots of mighty builds to use in the current meta, but we found the Shred Druid to be among the best when it comes to leveling in Season 2.

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Here are the skills you’ll need to select to craft this powerful build:

2Storm Strike
3Enhanced Storm Strike
5Enhanced Shred
6Raging Shred
7Fierce Storm Strike
12Enhanced Earthen
13Enhanced Earthen Bulwark
14Poison Creeper
15Enhanced Poison Creeper
16Ferocious Poison Creeper
18Enhanced Wolf Pack
19Ferocious Wolf Pack
20Poison Creeper
21Poison Creeper
22Poison Creeper
23Poison Creeper
24Call of the Wild
25Call of the Wild
26Call of the Wild
27Blood Howl
28Enhanced Blood Howl
29Preserving Blood Howl
30Heart of the Wild
31Wild Impulses
32Wild Impulses
33Wild Impulses
34Predatory Instinct
35Bestial Rampage
39Digitgrade Gait
40Digitgrade Gait
41Digitgrade Gait
42Predatory Instinct
43Predatory Instinct
44Preserving Earthern Bulwark
45Ancestral Fortitude
50Paragon begins
1 – RenownHeightened Senses
2 – RenownHeightened Senses
3 – RenownHeightened Senses
4 – Renown‍Natural Fortitude
5 – Renown‍Natural Fortitude
6 – RenownNatural Fortitude
7 – RenownDefensive Posture
8 – RenownDefensive Posture
9 – RenownDefensive Posture
10 – RenownInvigorating Fury

This build is a great one for using the forces of nature to slay Lilith’s minions in the main campaign, but once you enter the endgame, it may be time for a build with more longevity.

Spirit Boons

The Druid’s Spirit Boons are unique skills to them. For this build, select the following:

  • Wolf Spirit: ‍Packleader
  • Eagle Spirit: ‍Swooping Attacks
  • Snake Spirit: ‍Masochistic
  • Deer Spirit: ‍Wariness

Vampire Powers

For this build, select the following Vampire Powers:

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  • Hemomancy (Minor)
  • Sanguine Brace (Minor)
  • Ravenous (Minor)
  • Hectic (Minor)
  • Metamorphosis (Major)
druid gameplay diablo 4Blizzard Entertainment
The Druid can turn into a werewolf or werebear!

Best Druid endgame build

Once you’ve seen the ending of Diablo 4, reached level 50, and entered the endgame, you may decide to switch to an endgame build, one more suited to your next set of tasks. This is completely optional, but if you do choose to change, here’s one of the best endgame builds in the current meta.

Remember, you’ll need to respec your points into new skills, but the below table will tell you which order to apply them, but it’s largely up to you how closely you follow it.

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Here’s one of the best endgame Druid builds in Diablo 4 Season 2 currently, the Werewolf Tornado Druid:

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Active SkillsPassive Skills
TornadoPerfect Storm
Wind ShearTempest Road
HurricaneToxic Claws (1 point)
Grizzly RageNeurotoxin
Blood HowlEnvenom
Cyclone Armor

This build is essentially the classic Tornado build but focuses all Spirit Boons and shapeshifting abilities on skills that favor Werewolf transformations.

diablo 4 druidBlizzard Entertainment
The Druid returns from Diablo 2.

Spirit Boons

The Druid’s Spirit Boons are unique skills to them. For this build, select the following:

  • Wolf Spirit: ‍Calamity
  • Eagle Spirit: ‍Scythe Talons
  • Snake Spirit: ‍Calm Before the Storm
  • Deer Spirit: ‍Wariness

Paragon Board

At level 50 you’ll gain access to the Paragon Board to continue building your character to level 100. Here are the boards you need to focus on to maximize the potential of the best endgame Druid build:

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  • Starting board
  • Ancestral Guidece board
  • Survival Instinct board
  • Constricting Tendrils board
  • Earthern Devastation board


Here are the Glyphs we’d recommend activating as your work through the Paragon board:

Level 15:

  • ‍Undaunted
  • ‍Exploit
  • ‍Werewolf
  • ‍Territorial
  • ‍Earth and Sky

Level 21:

  • ‍Territorial
  • ‍Exploit
  • ‍Werewolf
  • ‍Earth and Sky
  • ‍Undaunted

Vampire Powers

For this build, select the following Vampire Powers:

  • Prey on the Weak (Minor)
  • Sanguine Brace (Minor)
  • Ravenous (Minor)
  • Anticipation (Minor)
  • Metamorphosis (Major)

Endgame item build

Here are the items you should aim to equip for your endgame Druid build in Diablo 4 Season 2:

Item nameItem type
Tempest RoadHelm
Fur-lined Robe of LightChest Armor
Stormchaser’s ManifestGloves
Fur-lined Pants of DisobediencePants
Ghostwalker Boneweave TreadsBoots
‍Marauder Axe of RetaliationMain Hand
Obsidian Totem of the Dampaging WarbeastOffhand
Amulet of RetaliationAmulet
Nighthowlers RingRing 1
Accelerating RingRing 2

So there you have it, two more quality Barbarian builds for leveling and endgame in Season 2. For more demon-hacking content, check out some of the other Diablo 4 guides we’ve put together for you:

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