Asmongold praises Diablo 4 devs over Immortals-style trading change

Philip Trahan
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Asmongold praised the Diablo 4 development team after confirming that players won’t be able to trade items bought with premium currency.

Blizzard made plenty of controversial decisions surrounding Diablo Immortal’s monetization that left fans split.

Popular streamer Asmongold was one of those outspoken critics of Diablo Immortal’s monetization scheme.

However, the streamer is now praising Blizzard after Diablo 4’s global community lead confirmed the game will remove its controversial cosmetic trading system.

Asmongold praised Diablo 4 devs decision to remove item trading

Asmongold showed the full interaction through a clip on his Asmongold Clips YouTube channel.

The video begins with the streamer declaring that he wants “Blizzard to come out and say definitively that you will not be able to sell or transfer any item between players for gold that is cosmetic that you can obtain on the store.”

Following a quarterly update surrounding Diablo 4, Blizzard shared details about the game’s season pass and cosmetics shop.

Specifically, the update promised that Diablo 4 would avoid pay-to-win mechanics, likely in lieu of Diablo Immortal’s controversial monetization system.

Noticing one big question not included among the quarterly update, Asmongold replied to the official Diablo Twitter account and asked the question on a lot of players’ minds.

“Will any of the items on the shop or items purchasable with ‘premium currency’ be tradable in any capacity between other players? Not between your characters, but other players so you can effectively ‘sell’ them.”

Not long after, Diablo’s Global Community Lead Adam Fletcher responded and said, “You can not trade anything purchased with premium currency in Diablo 4 with other players. This includes items unlocked in the Season Pass.”

Seemingly satisfied with the response, Asmongold replied, “There it is dude, there it is. W.”

While many players likely see this decision simply as a stepping stone to correct course away from Diablo Immortal, it seems it has done much to assuage Asmongold’s fear for Diablo 4’s future going forward.