Bungie teases new “escalation protocol 2.0” event in Destiny 2 Lightfall

lightfall neomunaBungie

Destiny 2’s newest expansion will reportedly reprise a new version of the fan-favorite wave-based combat event Escalation Protocol, which was first seen in its Warmind expansion.

Destiny 2’s next expansion is right around the corner, with a new campaign, subclass, story, and host of characters. Alongside the slew of new content Lightfall is bringing comes a brand new location to explore, the Neptune city of Neomuna, home to the Cloud Striders. Dexerto was fortunate enough to get its hands on the expansion in preview earlier this month.

Neomuna is a beautiful city of Neon and sail-like architecture and is the location in which guardians will come closely acquainted with the new darkness subclass Strand. Its sky-high buildings will be a perfect playground for the new grappling hook that Guardians can wield with their newfound Strand abilities.

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It appears that Neomuna holds more than just beautiful architecture, however, as Bungie has reportedly reprised a fan-favorite public event from one of Destiny 2’s earlier expansions. This public event has been compared to Escalation Protocol, a wave-based combat public event that saw players take down hordes of hive enemies as they swarmed in.

Escalation Protocol was considered one of the best public events to release in Year 1 of Destiny 2. With some of the most difficult content in the game at the time, it required players to band together in order to slay the waves of enemies approaching. This created a sense of camaraderie between players, despite not talking much outside of an emote or two.

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lightfall neomunaGuardians will be able to explore all of Neptune’s city of Neomuna.

Escalation Protocol would work in levels, with a player manually needing to activate the event to start. With each level completed, the enemies would become progressively harder, and at the end, a boss would spawn in. This boss would grant players incredibly powerful gear in the form of the Ikelos weapons, which would see their first iteration from this event.

It appears that Bungie is looking to once again re-introduce the public event this time, as PCGamer’s playtest yielded an interesting announcement whilst they explored Neomuna.

PCGamer noticed that instead of a regular public event alert in-game, there was a different style of announcement. Bungie then revealed that this was instead a large-scale activity hinting at the potential of large-scale events becoming more normalized in the future. Whilst unable to see the event itself, Bungie suggested that the event would be a challenge, so having about 6 guardians is a good bet if you’re looking to complete it.

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It’s untold as to what rewards will drop from these large-scale events, but it’s highly likely that the rewards will be well worth the risk, considering the difficult nature of the event.