Absurd Destiny 2: Lightfall endgame loot farm has Guardians staying in Duality Dungeon

destiny 2 duality dungeon screenshotBungie

Destiny 2 players have found an insanely powerful loot farm that allows them to continuously gather the highest level of armor possible in Lightfall.

UPDATE: Bungie has temporarily disabled the ability to rejoin the activity at the Gahlran checkpoint, meaning players will need to start the activity on Master mode if they would like the Master tier loot.

If there’s one thing Destiny 2 players love, it’s loot. Guardians love to see the side of the screen fill up with legendary armor, weapons, and exotics alike. Of course, it only makes sense, the highly popular looter shooter from Bungie has always been about gathering guns and gear to take down all that oppose humanity.

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Players will do absolutely anything to gain the best loot in Destiny. This includes exploring the far reaches of the universe to taking down foes in dungeons and raids. As such, Guardians are always looking for new ways to grab that sweet sweet loot.

Fortunately, some have discovered a new loot farm that gives players an absurd amount of high-level gear for minimal effort. Players have discovered a bug in the Duality dungeon that causes the boss to jump off the map, resulting in the completion of the encounter and free loot for all involved.

Destiny 2 YouTuber Ehroar highlights their strategy in their video.

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Destiny 2 players discover easy farm for high level gear

The Duality Dungeon can be farmed whenever it is the rotating pinnacle, meaning players are only able to reap the rewards of this farm once every five weeks or so. However, when available, the dungeon is completely free to farm, meaning players can repeat the farming process over and over again til they’re satisfied.

The farm involves players causing the first boss of Duality to jump off the map, players will need to head to the first encounter, and once there ring the bell and stand near the edge of the map. Once the boss approaches, ensure you hover just over the edge of the map using a jump/ glide/ boost. While finicky, the boss can jump at you, causing them to jump off the map and result in free loot.

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destiny 2 gahlran duality dungeon screenshotBungie
Guardians can bait Gahlran to jump off the map in the Duality Dungeon.

It’s important to note that Duality also has a Master difficulty version which offers players more powerful loot in the form of Artifice Armor. Artifice Armor allows players to add an additional 3 to any stat of their choosing, making it the best possible armor in the game.

If players are struggling to get to the first encounter on Master mode, they can also choose to enter on Normal difficulty, get to the first boss and wipe. From there they can return to orbit and enter Master mode from the checkpoint they gained at the first boss.

This is easily one of the most potent farms to be discovered in Destiny 2 since Lightfall’s release, as it requires minimal effort from the players involved. Alongside this, it also offers some fantastic armor and weapons, making it a worthwhile farm for those who need new gear.

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